She left me speechless

by | Apr 20, 2024

I checked out of my Maui hotel and was spending time with one of my amazing spiritual teachers in the hours before boarding my red eye flight back home.

I had so many questions I wanted to ask Pali.

But the problem was that I couldn’t even say them in her presence.

Pali would say, that’s because there are no problems.

She’s definitely beyond our world of “duality.”

My problems didn’t exist in her presence, and I couldn’t even “resonate” with my problems when I was sitting with her.

Yes, she helps people (including me) with problems and questions all the time.

And since we’re not all hanging with Pali or our coaches and teachers non-stop…

Here are 3 helpful ways to successfully solve problems in your life, business, relationships, and work:

1 – Let go of the vibration of the problem. Everything is a frequency, and we resonate with the problem when we’re in a specific vibrational state, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is why people say… Turn on some music. Laugh. Go for a run. Move your body. Hang out with “good vibes” people. You can shift your frequency which makes you available to different solutions and possibilities.

2 – Don’t bypass the necessary work. We can’t simply ignore all that we’re feeling or what we’ve experienced. Healing is a lifelong journey…not because you continue to stay broken but because you’re always seeking “wholeness” (unless you’re enlightened)! To heal means “to make whole.” Your big dreams and desires will ask you to face your pain and fears.. Bringing in new information and teachers helps.

3 – Ask better questions. Formulating questions means you’re actually more ready for an answer. This is great! But if you’re consistently in a “lower frequency” (like hopelessness, blame, frustration, or doubt), it’s hard to ask questions that will lead you to where you want to go. Once you commit to the possibility that there is always a solution (which is a different frequency), your mind will start to create better questions so you can receive more powerful answers.

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With love,

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