Staying Small is Expensive

by | Feb 19, 2021

Why is staying small so expensive?

Because it’s costing you your life.


You use up your time, energy, and money in ways you don’t want, and that’s one of the most expensive things you could do.


We’re always trading our life for something.

“Staying small” shows up when you:

-Spend time doing things you don’t love
-Buy things you don’t truly love
-Have conversations you don’t want to have
-Avoid conversations you really need to have
-Take jobs for less pay than you want
-Miss opportunities because you don’t believe you’re good enough

I know you’re reading this because you have a fuller, truer version of yourself that wants to come out!

So let’s turn this pattern around.

First, if you have a dream or vision for something “bigger” you must learn how to show up for it.

This means studying, working with a mentor or coach, and getting serious about your self-care and self-love.

Next, becoming the fuller version of yourself requires “lights, camera… ACTION!”

Your growth won’t happen if you sit around and think about it or even if you take long walks, light candles, meditate, and chant.

BTW, I do every single one of those things above, but I also know that you must engage with the world to manifest what you want.

Finally, all things have a gestation period.

Change takes time, and you must be consistent for however long it takes to learn, grow, and behave as the person you want to become.

Remember, your dream is worth it. You’re worth it!

And when you show up as the best version of yourself, everyone else benefits. #truth

Here’s to your beautiful journey!

BIG Love,

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  1. Deborah Terrell-Soso

    Before MBody radiance I had a serious case of low self-worth and I never felt confident in myself. Something changed in my mind, body and spirit because of opening myself to mediate, move and heal. I think about myself now and I put into action and prioritize so much better. The mediation was key to self-love and journaling helps me with seeing me and changing things I don’t like and enhancing my assets. Moving has just changed my life altogether. Thanks to Michele Boulé and myself and the I’m doing, living not existing and I’m feeling so good about myself. In this pandemic the techniques I’ve learned and incorporated into my life are the results of MBody I promise you if you are in a place where you don’t like mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally I ask that you consider giving your self-love and just try and see what’s happens. I found out I am worth it! How about you?

    • Michelle Boule

      It is a joy to hear this Debbi Ann! You are inspiring me today! And I can feel your light as you say this. Thank you thank you for all that you are (and do) 😉 !!!


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