Stop comparing yourself with THIS!?

by | Dec 31, 2022

Comparison can be a dream killer, so I want to give you something today that will help if you find yourself in toxic comparison.

First, that type of “judgement” is part of our nature.

We look at something (or someone) and think it’s bigger or smaller, faster or slower, more successful or less successful.

The problem is that we give those “judgements” meaning (often about ourselves) that take us right back to “I’m not good enough.”


Some years ago, my mentor caught me in that pattern big time, comparing myself to other people’s successes (and not even seeing my own wins). Sound familiar?

He gave me a tool called the Universal Law of Relativity.

This law states that everything just is. If you have a tennis ball, it just is. But if you put it next to a basketball, it’s small. If you put it next to a golf ball, it’s big.

None of this “means” anything about the tennis ball.
If you start to look at someone else and think they’re doing better than you (maybe it looks like they’re making more money or have more followers or have the relationship or job you want)…

…and then you’re hard on yourself because you’re not where you think they are, you’re using the Law of Relativity against yourself.

The solution is to “stay in your lane”!

It’s okay (and totally normal) to see what other people are doing, but don’t let it take you off your own path.

So here are a few questions to put this law into productive use today as we head into a new year. I suggest you take 10 minutes to answer these in writing:

– How do YOU feel about how you’re doing? (Try to be as objective as possible.)
– What can you celebrate about what you’ve done over this past year or even the past 24 hours?
– What would YOU like to create from where you are now (not where someone else is)?
– What’s the single next best step you can take to move towards what you want for YOUR business or life?

This takes focus, but it’s so loving towards yourself.

You stop beating yourself up. You give yourself the attention you’re craving to help you grow. Your fear ego gets to rest and not worry about being less than or more than. You’re free to celebrate where other people are and let yourself be inspired, encouraging, and compassionate.

Stay focused on YOU. Make sense? I’d love to know.

In service and with LOVE,

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