Stuck in a negative thought loop? Try this!

by | Jul 9, 2021

The negative thought loop is a pattern I help my clients work through all the time.

It sneaks in and gets the best of us.

When it hits, you resist promoting yourself and your business, asking for what you want in relationships, or taking the next step to bring more ease, time, or money into your life.

So let’s make this super simple…


You always have the power to choose.


You can choose to think a thought that sends you in the direction of more Life…

…or a thought that sends you towards defeat, self-sabotage, or feeling awful about yourself and your situation.

And then your business doesn’t run well, or your relationships and health start to suffer.

You’re here to live a beautiful life and contribute in all the ways YOU were put on this Earth for.

But to do that, you must learn how to choose in the direction of more Life.

So read on and digest these 4 questions and responses, to get out of that negative thought loop, pronto! 

1. How do I stop a negative thought pattern?

The first thing you need to do is recognize the negative thoughts. Sometimes they slip by because they’re so habitual.

Start to notice… What are the thoughts? When are they happening? What’s triggering them? How do you feel in your body when they come up?

Become aware of the thoughts and how and when they arise. Then you can start to catch them, see them as separate from yourself, and begin changing them.

You can use your power of choice to commit to another thought, that is worthy of the highest and most lovable version of yourself. (And make sure you read Step 4!)


2. Why did this happen in the first place; why did I get stuck on a loop?

You’re giving things meaning all day long, although you may not realize it. A person doesn’t call you back, a sale or contract doesn’t go through for your business, or someone criticizes you and… you give it meaning. If you make it mean something negative, you’re heading down the slippery slope into a bad day, month, or worse, year.

These meanings come from what we learned from whoever raised us. Every thought and behavioral pattern you’re exposed to prior to the age of 7 goes into your subconscious mind, like a sponge soaking in water, and these become your patterns for safety.

Your subconscious mind’s job is to keep you alive, and it runs these thoughts and behaviors as automatic programs. You have no conscious mind before age 7, which means you can’t analyze or reject any of the information you’re exposed to, positive or negative. Unless you work to consciously change negative patterns as an adult, they’ll stay the same for your entire lifetime.

3. What is the science behind changing negative thoughts and neuroplasticity?

Your brain will adapt to whatever you feed it via your thoughts. I repeat, w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r! If you continue to focus on negative thoughts, your nervous system will build the super highways to support those thoughts, because you’re constantly using them.

If you consciously focus on positive thoughts, those negative highways will eventually wither away because they’re not being used, and you start building new neural pathways that support positive thinking. Your nervous systems respond to function, so it’s as simple as “what you focus on grows.”


4. What are some strategies I can use to get out of the negative loop?

Repetition, energy psychology, and hypnosis are the best ways to change your subconscious programming. We often have deep, stubborn blocks, and your subconscious will do whatever it can (remember, it’s trying to keep you alive!) to hold onto how you’re thinking and behaving today without changing a thing!


If you think a new thought over and over again and act according to that thought, you begin to shift your reality.


Working with energy or consciousness is a tool I use in Meditate-Move-Heal, and in my other group and private work. This creates deep shifts in your subconscious mind to help you reach your goals and dreams.

And coaching is all about guiding you to get a new result repeatedly. So, I work with my clients constantly on helping them build the “holistic” foundation, mindset, and action plan to get those new results.

If you get stuck in negative thought loops, make sure you read this a few times and take action!

It’s also incredibly valuable to get the guidance of a mentor, coach, and/or healer to guide you towards new results, on repeat.

If you’re called to get my personal support, don’t wait! You can start today by taking one of these 2 steps:

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In service and love,

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