Stuck? Try Asking this Question…

by | May 15, 2021

I got this common question from someone recently:

“I’m clear about what I want, but I keep hitting the same problem. I’m stuck! Why isn’t my life changing yet?”

There can be several things going on here, but here’s one thing that’s super important…

You have to ask yourself:

“Do I want it bad enough?”

The *only* way to change something in your life is:

You must want the new result more than your current situation.

You gotta let your desire burn!

It’s 100% okay to want the things you want.


In fact, it’s your responsibility to desire and take action, because stepping into that desire will allow you to become the most complete, highest version of yourself. .


This lets you contribute, connect, and receive the beauty you’re here to experience.

This Monday, I’m offering a FREE 5-day training to go deeper into this teaching, so you can name, claim, and have no shame for the things you desire:

~Step Into the Power of Your Life~

May 17-21 at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific / 8pm Central Europe

In this FREE series, you’ll get solutions to 5 major problems that you face when going for your dreams.

I want to challenge you to show up to all 5 sessions! My clients get the most results when they are consistent. It takes practice and momentum, and you gotta ask yourself:

“How bad do I want this?”

So mark your calendar now to join me for a Live 15-minute training on Instagram or Facebook on each of the core topics below, ending with a 60-minute Zoom only Masterclass on Day 5.

DAY 1: Clear up Confusion and Indecision
DAY 2: Calm Your Inner Critic
DAY 3: Manifest More Time
DAY 4: Figure Out the How-To
DAY 5: Masterclass: Get beyond Fear, End Procrastination, and Start. Now.

BONUS! I even made it easier for you to join on Friday because we’re doing a drawing for everyone who joins the Masterclass live to win one of two prizes!

Prize #1 – a 3-month membership to Meditate-Move-Heal ($321 value)

Prize #2 – a 60-minute private coaching call with me! ($1800 value)
I don’t do single sessions like this outside of my VIP work, so this is an incredible opportunity!

✏️ NOTE! The Friday Masterclass will happen on Zoom only.

So you gotta sign up to be there and for your chance to win one of the prizes!

——-> Step Into The Power of Your Life TODAY!

Can’t wait to see you!

In service and love,

What clients have to say about past workshops:

“I want to say how helpful Michelle’s hour-long talk was for me. I came away with a strong feeling of expansiveness and force!!“

– Frederica Chapman, MS – Theater for the Earth

“That webinar was just breathing and speaking LIFE to everyone! Just, WOW!!!”

– Angelica DeLashmette

*banner photo by Audrey Hall
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