The moment I lost it ???

by | Nov 5, 2022

Welcome back! Here’s a story that could help when you’re feeling out of sorts…

I recently attended a powerful meditation training, and sometimes at the end of a 90 minute meditation, I can’t just pop up and run to the lunch buffet!

So on this particular day, I sat quietly in my chair as dozens of people filed out of the room for lunch.

I saw a familiar face walking by that I’d met the day before. He stopped and asked how my meditation was. I shared that I felt a little out of sorts, and he beamed at me, gave me a huge bear hug, and said “just open your heart a little more.” Gift #1

(So I’m feeling supported and also a tinge defensive, because that’s what the scared ego does. My heart is open, you fool!! It was so much easier at the last retreat! ?)

Then Reem walks by… this gorgeous Lebanese woman who was there with her family from Jordan (met all of them the day before too). She stops to check in, hugs me…our eyes both tearing up, and tells me that this is just God moving through me. I see her beautiful eyes knowing what I’m feeling… love. Gift #2

I sit down again, and someone announces over the loudspeaker that we need to clear the room so they can prep for the next session. I feel things stirring up inside my body.

Then I notice this woman walking by. We glance at each other and I give her a subtle smile and nod.

She walks past me and I hear “You okay?

She’s talking to me!

And I look back at her and tell her I’d take a hug if she’s offering.

I get up, she wraps her arms around me, and I start bawling, as she whispers in my ear, “let it all out, let it all out.” (I’m literally smiling and shedding tears now as I write and remember this!!)

We hug for minutes and when we separate, she nods to her right and her friend is standing there with a huge wad of tissues for me.

I later find out that this is how these two women Claudette and Dolores operate in their beautiful youth organization Unlocking Futures. Claudette opens the door. Dolores instantly shows up with the tissues! What a team!

We all had lunch together, laughed a ton, connected over our NYC roots, and made a bond I know will continue into the future. Gift #3

The next day in an early morning meditation, my heart did open up… so much so that I was in tears again, but this time they were tears of bliss.

I ran into Claudette and Dolores right after, with a huge smile on my face, and did a dance to the song that was playing in the room (literal re-creation in the GIF here)!

They burst out laughing and we hugged, hooted, and rocked like we had all just finished a marathon.

And we had. Because…

…when you allow yourself to travel the depths that your soul is asking of you, you’ll come out on the other side knowing you just met with an aspect of your own greatness.

And your soul celebrates.


Your angels always show up in time. The support is here. The abundance is here. The opportunities are here. The love is always here and it’s here now.

We’re programmed to not see and allow it into our lives, and it stops us from receiving the gorgeous lives we are designed to live.

The evolution of who we truly are asks us to consciously remember love.

We can all learn how to grow this part of ourselves. In fact we must, and when we do, doors of possibility, abundance, and freedom that we could have never imagined, show up right before our eyes.

Thank you guy whose name I can’t remember, Reem, Claudette, Dolores, and Cach (sweet man in pic who also joined us for lunch)!

Have you had an experience like this? We seem to forget them but I encourage you to remember a moment when you unexpectedly got the exact support you were needing… when you opened up to let it in. ❤️

With love,

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