The most powerful 4 words you need to hear

by | Mar 18, 2022

What is the thing people want most in life?

You could say love, and I’d agree!

However, working with clients on transforming their lives has made me realize that there is something even more powerful that people want to hear and know…

People want to hear someone say:


You can do this.



Because on some level we’re all deeply insecure, even if we’ve already been successful!

Your insecurity shows up BIG TIME when you get closer and closer to reaching the goal that you want to accomplish.

And you’ll actually start resisting your success without knowing it.

(Science tip: This is part of your biology.)

This is also why it’s so important to have someone skilled on your support team who can catch you in your self-sabotage strategies and blind spots.

The support you do or do not have can make a break your success.

The truth is… you can build a community – friends, support groups, a solid coach or mentor – to help you reach your goals.

And as you make your first win and your next win (big or small), you build your internal voice that says:


We’re really not meant to take this journey alone.

But you alone are the powerful center that initiates this journey by saying…

YES, I’m in.
YES, I deserve support.
YES, I have faith in myself.
YES, I will put my energy and resources into this vision.

Make sure you have someone in your life who also believes in you and has achieved what you want to achieve.

Action Step: If you don’t see that person now, ask Spirit, the Universe, God to show you who that person is. Stay in positive expectation, and then connect with that person ASAP!

With love,

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