The most powerful 4 words you need to hear

by | Mar 18, 2021

What is the thing people want most in life?

You could say love, and I’d agree!

However, working with clients on transforming their lives has made me realize that there is something even more powerful that people want to hear and know…

People want to hear someone say:


You can do this.


These words even take care of love!

You can receive love. You can ask for love.

You can go for your dream and get it.

You can build your career in the way you want.

You can love what you’re here to do, be, and have.

What does this statement help build?

A voice of confidence and belief.
A sense of purpose, significance and meaning in your life.
Inspiration to keep going.


Belief and faith is exactly what you need to take your next step (even if you’re borrowing it from someone else like a friend or coach for the time being).


You’re always stepping into the unknown as you change and reach for something new in your life.

Make sure you have someone nearby who also believes in you.

Action Step: If you don’t see that person now, ask Spirit, the Universe, God to show you who that person is.

With love,

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What clients are saying…

Michelle is masterful in recognizing the blocks (emotional, energetic, practical) that we put between ourselves and our goals and establishing a clear and grounded plan for the work to make your dream a reality. I regularly use the tools I gained to prioritize my action steps, observe my reactions, and work clearly with the energetics of money.

Leah Nguyen – Artist Healer, @planetpaintpeople

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  1. Lisa Olivia

    Thank you for this! Yes, borrowing someone else’s steadfast belief or faith to get me through can be golden. So many of us have been conditioned to think “you’re on your own with this” and we end up thinking we just have to go it alone, every time. That’s the hard way. It’s so much easier (and more fruitful!) when we have support. I signed up for Meditate-Move-Heal thinking it would be for two months. Now I don’t know how I lived without it! It’s been absolutely amazing.

    • Michelle Boule

      Yay! That’s the intention. Environment is everything. We absorb so much more than we realize (…that subconscious mind!!), and when we consciously choose and create an environment that helps us move towards our goals, we are much more likely to succeed and find our life’s joy!!!


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