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The Reason I Combine Coaching With Healing

by | Feb 16, 2020

Just under a year ago, I made a huge change in my healing business.

I consciously added the component of coaching.

And I want to help you see why it’s so important to bring a personal coach into your life, to really create the change you say you want.

Healing takes care of the wounds. ✨

And for all of us, the wounds essentially stem from feelings of being unlovable or not worthy.

But once the wounds are taken care of, you need someone or something to help you see and act on the next steps *if you truly do want to create change.*

In some ways, taking action is the deepest healing of the wounds.

It requires that you develop the trust and confidence in yourself so you can see and execute the next steps.

The first step for change is YOU:



Taking action.

With *absolutely* no excuses.

If you need someone to help you, let me know and we can talk about the programs I offer.

You truly do get only one chance at life, and there is absolutely no other moment than right now to create the future you desire. ✨

Here’s to your greatness.

BIG love,

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