THIS is the wrong question to ask…

by | May 6, 2022

I talk to a lot of people who have a deep heart desire to

– grow their businesses
– accomplish a creative, passion goal
– find financial freedom
– improve their relationships

These beautiful goals all involve many crucial decisions about what step to take next.

But I see people ask the wrong question when they’re about to take their next big step.

NOTE: This message is so important if you want to break through what’s keeping you stuck!

The question I hear people ask is:

Do I really need this?

This mindset is often rooted in fear, scarcity, or lack, all of which does not support expansion and growth.

Asking this sabotages your success and happiness because:

1 – You start to tell yourself your passionate goal isn’t worth it. → Translation: you’re not worth it.

2 – You reinforce the belief that you can’t have what you want. (Ouch!)

2 – You tell yourself you don’t need the help, mentorship, or even the pleasure of being supported as you go for your beautiful goal. (Mega ouch!)

This is the crazy insidious nature of our subconscious minds.


We can talk ourselves out of what moves us towards our success and happiness without even realizing it.


So instead ask yourself the crucial question: what do you truly want?

Your higher self speaks to you through desire…what you want… and when you learn to listen to that voice, you come to the realization that…

You will always be supported when you listen to the guidance from your higher self.

Your higher self is giving you messages all the time. Listening to it is a skill you can strengthen.

It’s also the key component of the energy healing and movement practice I lead you through in the Creative Success Accelerator Program.

Alrighty, so what’s your higher self telling you? 😉

With love,

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