This is for Your Inner Dreamer

by | Dec 18, 2020

The annual favorite “Let It Go, Let It Flow” workshop is back for its 4th year, and wouldn’t you say we all need it?

Here’s why YOU don’t want to miss this year’s workshop…

A successful dreamer knows how to turn a challenge into an opportunity.


You have a dream, even if it’s a feeling inside that says
“I know there’s something better.”


I encourage you to trust that feeling now more than ever.

It’s not a complaint, judgement, or “grass is always greener” feeling.

It’s your desire, which always leads you to your greatest potential, expression, and happiness.


The more you lean into your desire and take action towards it, especially during a challenging time, the more you realize how capable, powerful, and  supported you are.


So let’s do this!

Join Let It Go, Let It Flow – December 31st, 2020 at 11am EST

 Sign Up Today!

In this year’s workshop, you’ll learn how to:

-see that absolutely everything happens for you
-create new results using the Law of Sacrifice
-get crystal clear on what you need to release
-set an unstoppable intention and plan of action for 2021

The two-hour workshop will also include:

-an energy healing ritual to help you surrender and receive
-the opportunity for hot seat coaching + healing work for people who attend Live
-a movement practice and (wait for it…) a New Year’s Eve boogie down dance!

I know for some of you it will only be 8am, but why wait?

Seriously though, I’ve committed to a tremendous amount of growth and learning this year, and can’t wait to share it all with you!

Spend your New Year’s Eve with me and a group of creative, big-hearted dreamers and achievers.


Together we’ll let go of 2020 with grace and choose to make 2021 amazing. The choice is where it starts.
Don’t wait!


——–> Join Let It Go, Let It Flow

In service and love,

P.S. Want to invite a friend? Please share this post with two (that’s right 2!!) people you’d love to do this with.

P.P.S. Can’t join Live? No problem! We’ll have the recording up within a few hours after the session, and signing up gives you access to it for 1 month. (This is a no procrastination tactic. Don’t worry. I got ya.)

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