THIS still wows me 20 years later

by | Oct 29, 2021

One of my most successful clients just emailed me that she’s upleveling her business and is working with three coaches right now.

What do you think about that?

Do your thoughts say…

I want that!

Isn’t that excessive?


Yup, that’s what it takes.

Twenty years ago, I learned the value and truth about what it takes to achieve something great, which helped me have an award-winning dance career and energy healing practice that took me all over the world.

I started working with 3 “coaches” by the time I was 24 years old, and learned that it wasn’t about whether or not I had the time or money, it was something I decided I wanted to have.

If you’re wanting more support or “coaches” for your business, but you stop because you don’t think you have the money or time, please read on.

I break this topic down into 3 points that can change your life!

1 – When you make a decision, the rest will follow. If you wait until you have the money to decide whether or not you’ll hire a coach, for example, you’re deciding from a limited mindset. An entrepreneur learns to think in a way that says “I will become the person who creates this money.” And then they set out to do it 110%.

The decision closes the door on the option not to have the money, and your mind will start to organize around doing whatever you need to do to manifest the money.

2 – You don’t have to do things alone. It’s amazing to see what powerful individuals in history have done, and it’s important to realize they often had a team of people supporting them at various stages of their journey.

Can you remove any guilt or shame about having someone help you? Go on, let yourself feel like a queen. You deserve it.

(There’s no way I could do what I’m doing now without the 11 different people I have helping me. #gratitude)

3 – Finally, don’t get caught in the self-help trap. One of the main reasons I started coaching people was because after a decade of serving people with energy healing, I saw that people were changing in powerful ways, but they might come back with the same issues several months later.

So what was missing? They didn’t know how to take conscious action to create the change they wanted. I needed to teach people how to think, aka self-awareness. Without self-awareness, self-help can become a distraction from doing the exact thing you need to do to achieve the growth you want.

I wanted to help people go from great to extraordinary (and I wanted to do the same for myself), so I hired someone who would help me take action and started doing the same for my clients!

Let yourself go for it! The results will WOW you.

In service and with love,

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