Three tips for a luxurious life

by | Feb 13, 2021

You: Luxury? Are you talking about Louis Vuitton in your personal development post?

Me: I love me some fashion, but I’m talking about something different… and related.

This is about a choice to believe in abundance and find luxury in every moment of your day.


Why? Because “luxury” creates more beauty and pleasure in life…even when you’re working.


So, if you’re feeling short on energy, inspiration, and plain old zipadedoda….here are 3 ways to turn that around, luxuriously…

(I hope you’re licking your lips.)

1 – Presence is a luxury everyone can afford. When you give someone or something your full attention, it’s generous and generative. It gives back to you as you give to it. Presence creates spaciousness, which we’ve nearly eliminated from our multi-tasking/device-ing lives. Spaciousness is luxurious with possibility.

2 – Do a little extra “for the lavish of it.” This is not to punish yourself, but to find the joy and beauty in what you’re doing. I had a partner who would plate our dinners so beautifully (whereas I’m more “plop plop on the plate” when it comes to food). His extra attention made a huge difference. We’d look at the food in admiration and enjoy our meals more, and it made him happy to give lavish attention to the task.

3 – See abundance everywhere. Get into the countryside on a clear night and stare at the stars…galaxies upon galaxies. Look at the leaves on a tree, the flowers that pop up in Springtime, the “plentitude of a peacock’s tail” (and say that 15x if you’re into tongue twisters).  Allow yourself to feel abundance inside you.

And… if you know there’s more that wants to be expressed through you–your unique dream or vision–but you’re frustrated by “how to make that happen,” let’s talk.

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It’s my luxurious pleasure to help you bring your fullest potential to life.✨

In service and love,

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What clients are saying…

“Michelle helped me get clear on how badly I want my dreams and how to get there. I reoriented my attitude, thinking, and beliefs, shifting perspectives in ways I wouldn’t have done on my own. I’ve learned to focus and approach my work with an urgency that has taken me from stagnancy to something more vibrant, confident, professional, directed, and aligned with my desires. In the past I would have given up, having bumped into some resistance, and doing this work has shifted that completely. While I understand the worry about spending the money, the investment made me focus and prioritize myself much more than I would have otherwise. Michelle is a sharp teacher for sharp students, for those who want to elevate their life experience.”


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