Truth vs. Identity

by | May 10, 2020

Earlier this week, I received a question about truth vs. identity. I’m going to answer it below, and also give an expanded audio answer (where I mention my fav, artist Emma Kunz and your miraculous body) that I hope you’ll click and listen to! ?

How do you handle the tension between what your body needs and your identity?

I’m a dancer/clown, awaiting surgery to repair my right ACL. When the injury first happened, I kept active and remained positive. As I’ve turned down performance opportunities it’s been harder. I started to talk to my knee and it told me to rest, drink water, go for walks, do chair exercises/yoga, dance in a modified way, sit down, hold off public performance for the moment, and do personal performances. Yesterday, I got asked about a possible public performance opportunity and my body wasn’t having it. I know that trusting/honoring my body is the right thing to do because honestly, this level of listening is something that I just started doing. But it didn’t feel like puppy dogs tails and rainbows saying no.”

So I want to talk about Identity through 2 points.

1 – Identity = you are a temporary convening of consciousness–of belief systems,energy, and potential, packed into your magical body. (Remember you are 99.99999% space and 0.00001% matter. Let’s get quantum!)

2 – To continually grow, you will be asked to expand your identity–what and who you believe yourself to be.

You likely wake up every day expecting things to be the same.

You may even unknowingly be very attached to waking up and having things be the same way they were yesterday, “positive or negative.”

However, the only thing we can depend on is change.

Click to Hear My Expanded Answer

External circumstances may come up that challenge your identity, like this person’s injury, or this current pandemic.

Or, you may want to actively change something in your life that challenges a very familiar identity. For example, “I’m lonely, and now I really want connection” or “I want more peace and joy, but I’m angry and don’t want to forgive this person.”

Internal or external, these shifts require that an old part of you dies to birth something new.

And, it’s important to notice if you cling to aspects of your identity, which in truth may no longer be serving you.

An injury, setback, or general sense of dissatisfaction can be an opportunity to learn more–a beautiful gift that has shown up in your life to expand your awareness.

(I know “gift” might feel like a stretch, but trust me, that sense of gratitude can rocket fuel you in the right direction.?)

When I was on the threshold of leaving NYC after living there for almost 21 years, I experienced many uncomfortable “deaths,” but I knew they were for my deeper growth and the birth of something new (still in process)!

So tune in, deeply, and let go of the belief systems and identities that are no longer serving you and your highest truth.

I assure you it’s the quickest pathway to a life of more acceptance, joy, abundance, and love.

Ask yourself and answer this: What have you let go of recently and how has that served you? What are you still struggling to let go of?

This can be anything from a bag of clothes, old frying pan, an old goal, or putting too much pressure on yourself! I’d love to hear from you.

Make sure to click on the audio link here where I talk about this issue in more depth. (Podcast in the making!?)

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With love,

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Make it beautiful day!

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