Two ways to turn doubt into confidence

by | Apr 10, 2021

One of my clients was about to make a decision to commit to something big, and these familiar questions came up trying to stop her.

Who are you to do this?
How are you ever going to make that happen?

These questions reflect what every person struggles with at some point. They show you any difficulties you have with…

claiming your power and
taking the necessary leaps of faith to turn your life into what you want it to be.

But imagine! If you can answer these two questions in a new way, you can change your life and more… right now.

So here are new answers to those two questions that can rob you of your dreams, and two concrete steps to put this all into ACTION!

Question #1

Who are you to do this?


You’re an inspired person who made a decision and took action.


Boom! That’s all it is. People who criticize your ambitions unknowingly do it from their own limiting beliefs and often frustrated desires.

You must DARE to claim your dream.

Because if you don’t, nothing changes and you believe the story that you’re not worth it, good enough, talented enough, and all those other BS excuses that you gotta kick out of your house of dreams!

And this is important… The longer you believe those stories, the harder it is to change the patterns that are holding you back. So, NOW really is the time.

When you decide, take action, and get new results repeatedly, you build your confidence.

Confidence doesn’t come first. It comes after you commit and take action, repeatedly, towards your vision!

Question #2

How are you going to ever make that happen?

I love this one, because as a former control freak-o-maniac in disguise, I wanted to predict and plan everything about how I could or could not make something happen.


The amazing thing is that you won’t know the HOW until you commit to saying YES!


The act of committing lets the next HOW step show up, because you’ve just upleveled your awareness to new possibility and potential.

You’ve said “YES I’m going to do this,” and the Universe (or God / Spirit) delivers you the HOW.

It’s kind of like a video game where once you decide you’re up for the challenge, the wizard says “okay, you’ve committed. Now here’s your next tool to find the treasure.”

And that’s how it works, step by step.

But if you don’t commit, you never give yourself the chance to enter into the next level of awareness that will take your life forward.

Your life can be a beautiful adventure, but you must LEAP into the unknown and build your path along the way.

So that’s your reframe for those two questions that will get you cruising towards your dreams in no time!

Now let’s put this into ACTION!

1 – What’s one thing you would love to make happen today? It can be big or small, short or tall. Let yourself be the inspired person who makes a decision and takes action! It can be as simple as setting aside 30 min of time for YOU to work on your special goals. Or asking someone you respect a question, signing up for a course or program you’ve been dying to take. Clarify what it is and hop to it!

2 – Is there something in your life that YOU KNOW IS A YES but you’re haven’t committed to it because you don’t know HOW to make it happen? Make a committed YES or NO decision today. If it’s YES, make the phone call, sign up for the course, book the vacation, and let your life move forward and only focus on HOW IT CAN HAPPEN.  Look for all the ways to make it possible only, and take action from there. Refuse to believe that it can’t happen! If you decide NO, let it go fully and let your life move forward!

Let me know how this goes for you in the Comments below.⬇️

And remember, you don’t have to do this all by yourself!

I’ve been working with clients through energy medicine, which turned into coaching, for 14 years, and I’ve taught movement and creative practices for over 25 years..

I love helping you turn your dreams into a reality with precision and joy, by pinpointing and solving the problems that are keeping you stuck, frustrated, alone, or running out of money!

Your dreams are 100% possible. You just gotta be open to becoming the person who can hold your beautiful dream. That’s also 100% possible.

In service and love,


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