Two words to change your life

by | May 28, 2022

I’ve worked with so many clients who have beautiful dreams, and they work to make them happen.

They show up!!

(That’s a celebration for any of my clients who are reading this.)????

I also see them struggle, especially when they’re at the brink of their next stage of growth.

The reaction is often to get in there and work harder.

This can yield certain results. (I’ve definitely been there myself and made huge breakthroughs by putting in the “work”!)

However, there’s a more supported way to go about manifesting your beautiful dreams.

These 2 words and simple practice can guide you when you’re stuck, and find yourself hitting the wall.

Use these as your mantra to bring balance to your challenges.

Your 2 words are…

Let go.

When we’re trying super hard, we’re often running on fear and the belief that we have to do it all ourselves.


Remember, the Universe is always guiding you towards your next best step.


But fear and panic keep your vision narrow (like you’re looking for an attacker).

It’s impossible to create in that state.

And it’s very difficult to see the opportunities that are being presented to you regularly.

So next time you find yourself “hitting a wall.” use this reset:

1 – Gently say to yourself Let go. You might have to say it for a solid minute or more.

2 – While you’re saying this, let your body soften and take your attention off the problem.

3 – Think of something you’re grateful for in your life, which will immediately raise your vibration.

4 – Remind yourself that letting go allows greater support to come in. Be open to new possibilities as you move forward. Believe the solution is here.

If you stay in this alignment in thought and action, your solutions will show up!

With love,

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