Want to join me for a New Year’s Eve celebration?

by | Dec 29, 2020

It won’t be a party per se, but we’ll definitely celebrate YOU in my “Let It Go, Let It Flow” workshop on December 31st.

It only comes once a year…

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And now, if you want my 3 minute exercise to celebrate yourself more, read on.

On my weekly social media Live video “What Up Wednesday!?”, I recently talked about self-celebrations.

Self-celebration isn’t easy for a person who’s learned to put their needs second to everyone else’s.

BUT it’s key to reaching your dreams and creating the life you desire.


When you invest in your growth and development,
you’ll have more to celebrate. Fact!


Here’s one tool to make it easier for you to celebrate yourself BIG TIME.

Self-Celebration Exercise (3 minutes)
Read this slowly and take time with each instruction.

Think of someone you really love and admire. Imagine how you’d want to treat that person, what you might say, the time you’d take to listen, and the care you’d give them.

Then turn all that love around and give it to yourself. Every part of yourself. Receive it. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Now, choose at least one thing you’ve done in the past week that you can celebrate. It could be something you said, accomplished, created, let go of. It can be big or small.

Congratulate yourself. Breathe in gratitude. And acknowledge your part in creating more beauty and love in the world.❤️

Want to do more celebrating with me and a group of amazing, compassionate creatives like yourself?

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Can’t wait to see you there!


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