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We Can’t Go Back

by | May 2, 2020

To transform is to not hope for what was but to dive through to where life is asking you to go.

We can’t ever go back.

And I’m writing to hopefully help you see how often in your life you may want “to go back” (even before this pandemic) without knowing it, and how that causes suffering.

This deeper realization came to me personally this past Monday in the midst of an impressive headache and the return of some old back pain.

(Have you had a headache or some nagging back pain recently?)

If you know my modus operandi, you probably guessed that I didn’t pop an aspirin or an ibuprofen.

Back in 1999, you might have seen me popping at least two a day to keep some ankle inflammation down.

But crossing paths with a holistic dancer/healer or two in the early 2000s steered my path in a different direction, and now I’m just popping moves, turmeric, maca, and chaga!


So back to business…what does this have to do with not going back?

Of course we’re all waiting for what’s next in the midst of this global pandemic, and it seems the general consensus is that things aren’t going to return to “normal” anytime soon.

In truth, this is a good thing, because life only moves forward, in a constant state of expansion and growth.

What I realized on Monday, in the midst of my pain was that I could feel this patterned knee-jerk reaction that some part of me was wishing I could go back to something I knew, my past experience of no pain (like how I felt the day before).

You might think, “well duh Michelle…what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that the point?!”

I think there’s a subtle distinction here that is important.

First, you can never go back to what you knew.

On a biological level, your body never goes back. Some scientists say your body entirely replaces itself cellularly every seven years.

And you can never experience the same breath or moment, ever again.

Further, going back to what you knew, which your subconscious mind will try to do, only produces the exact same results you’ve experienced in your life so far.

The headache, heartache, or backache will inevitably come back, in a new version.

(How’s that for motivation to change??)

So on a deeper level, my headache, in sync with this incredible pandemic helped me experience the profound truth that change only happens as we continue to go into the unknown.

To transform is to not hope for what was but to dive through to where life is asking you to go.

A symptom of dis-ease (physically, mentally, emotionally, financially) is a signal to help you become aware of something new, to reach a new level of balance and understanding.

When we don’t listen to the symptom or simply wish it away, we stunt our potential for growth.

I will talk about all of this in-depth in my upcoming free webinar Create Powerful Change with Your Mind, Body, and Consciousness.

It happens Tuesday May 5th at 4:30pm EST / 1:30pm PST.

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I want to help you use this time to grow, bring in new awareness, and create a real sense of safety and empowerment, rooted in your love and self-trust, that will allow you to thrive in any challenge.

I’m happy to report that the headache and the back pain have transformed!?

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!


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