What to do when you screw up big time

by | Jan 28, 2022

Remember that time when you screwed up (yesterday or 3 years ago) and it’s still haunting you?

I work with a lot of high achieving, ambitious people.

And they often don’t like to make mistakes or bad impressions.

And when a mistake happens (especially a big one), the self-criticism, guilt, and shame that show up can make them fall into paralysis or worse…spiral backwards.

Unless you know how to work productively with your mistakes, your dreams, goals, and confidence will go spiraling down the toilet too.

So here’s how to turn things around when you screw up BIG TIME…

1 – Know that you will screw up! The idea that you could live your life with a flawless track record is a complete LIE. Everyone makes mistakes, and if a person claims they don’t, you might want to run in the other direction.

2 – Find out why “the mistake” happened and make a correction. Claim it (which means you don’t run away from your screw up). Figure out what you may have done that caused it. Learn and move on. This is a total self-confidence booster.

3 – Forgive yourself. A mistake is a moment to become more aware, to grow. When I work with someone to step into their highest potential and success, I help them see the exact way their mistake is their biggest lesson.

In fact, just a few weeks ago a client was mortified for days after making an error with a client.

Once we shifted her perspective about the “error,” all these things literally happened within a few days…

-she felt more love for herself than she had in over 40 years
-she stepped into her leadership role with more clarity
-she released decades of pain and tension in her pelvis
-she received invitations to present her work in two highly visible platforms


If you want to succeed big, it’s important to know that more mistakes are coming and you can learn to meet them with grace!


Are you ready to start seeing your mistakes in a new light?

Which of these tools stands out for you the most today?

Let me know below and let’s keep the conversation going.?

In honor of your dreams, success, and all the beauty that you bring to the world…

With love,

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