When Breaking the Rules is a Good Thing

by | Feb 27, 2021

When your life isn’t showing up the way you want, it’s time to Break the Rules!

I’m leading a FREE workshop on this topic on March 11, and guess what? We’re going to DANCE (a bit)! Read on for the details…


Your life looks the way it does because of rules and agreements you’ve set up, which are mostly subconscious.


These rules were passed on by parents or other authorities in your life, at a time when you couldn’t choose another option.

It’s important to know that your subconscious mind doesn’t want you to change a thing.

It knows your heart’s still beating reading this. So, it’s succeeding at one of its main jobs… keeping you alive.

Once you understand this more, you’ll see why you might come across something that your heart and gut know will be incredible for your life but…

…you decide to not take the opportunity.

Your subconscious agreement makes you run away from the thing that could support you most!

And then you’re in the same position you were 3 month or 3 years ago.

Do you see why change seems so hard?

But I want you to see why change is so worth it, and how you can have fun along the way.

I’m teaching a FREE workshop to help you BREAK THE RULES that aren’t serving you.

And to do one of my favorite things…. LOVE YOURSELF!

(We’re also going to dance, which is another favorite.)

Break The Rules. Love Yourself.

Thursday, March 11th
1:00-2:30pm EST

——–> Sign up here TODAY!

I’m excited to share this workshop with you because understanding how to get past your blocks, AND moving your body with this new awareness is a serious win-win combination.

See you on March 11th!

In service and love,

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