Which one do you want to be?

by | Jul 8, 2022

What’s the difference between the person who succeeds vs. the person who keeps wishing for success?

After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen a common pattern that discerns the person who creates their big beautiful dream vs. the person who cruises along and never breaks through.

Which one do you want to be?

This applies whether you’re trying to make more money, have better relationships, live your passion, or generally feel more inspired and in love with life.

The difference is easy to see from the outside, but often completely blind from the inside… a.k.a. from your very own perspective.

That’s why it’s always helpful, especially when you’re trying to reach a new goal or manifest something incredible in your life, to have outside help.

(Find the person who has experienced success and lives by the laws that create success, and talk to them!)

So… here’s the simple difference so you can recognize it.


The person who doesn’t succeed stops trying. That is the only difference.


Yes, we could go in and analyze what happened in your childhood, what planet is out of alignment, or what your karmic past life history is…

But the most important thing to look at is are you willing to keep going?

I’ve talked to so many people who are on the brink of great change. They may have been working with me or I’ve noticed this through conversations…

They’re doing something, and it’s working, but they decide to stop.

Why would you stop something that’s working for you?

Everyone has slips and failures where they get off track, and these are 100% necessary.

But they don’t have to mean that you can’t create the beautiful life and goals you’re dreaming about.

People get so far, and then they put the brakes on.

It’s fear.

It’s not being comfortable with the discomfort that’s part of growth.

And ultimately, the sad thing is that you’re reconfirming deep down that you’re not worthy of the thing you truly desire.

You are worthy, and the resources are here, and when you start to believe that, guess what? You make a different kind of decision in your life about moving forward. The universe responds to that. (That’s the law.) And EVERYTHING starts showing up…the money, opportunities, people, experiences.

You have to commit and believe first. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. Yes, you’re stepping into the unknown.

But do you prefer to keep re-creating the same past into your future, or do you want to courageously step into the unknown and meet your greatness, your dreams, and your highest potential?

You’re only a decision away.

With love,

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