Don’t Think + Final Call to Sign Up for GO BIG! Step Into the Life You Desire

by | Jul 23, 2019

Your chance to create some BIG life change starts tonight…

To fall more in love with…
your life
your purpose
your work
your relationships
your body
your bank account
your entire self

It is 100% possible to connect to your desire and create the life you want.

So my advice for today (especially if you’re considering signing up for the course and haven’t yet) is:

Don’t think ✨

Trust the knowing that happens deeper than thinking.

And then let your thinking mind join the party later.

We have been gifted with reason, and it wants to sit lovingly with the mysterious, the unknown, your intuition, and your feelings.

Your thinking mind can reason you into what may not be best for you, that which is not aligned with your deepest knowing.

Or your thinking can reason you away from what could be your next best step.

Don’t think.

I know this one deeply, as I was always called “the over-thinker” of my family.

And for decades, my mentors and teachers would say “don’t think!”

It soaks in daily for me.

A constant reminder.

It is an undoing.

What if all your over-thinking were actually keeping you small?

We’ll work on this in GO BIG! Step Into the Life You Desire starting tonight.

Remember, if you can’t make the live calls, you’ll get the recordings delivered straight to your inbox the next day, plus lifetime access to the videos, audios, and notes on the course page.

We’re keeping registration open until 6:30PM EST on Wednesday July 24th, just in case there’s a slight delay in your big ol’ YES! ?

And I’m here to answer any questions between now and then, so please feel free to email me.

I can’t deny it…I am a big ol’ lover! And every time I get to work with people (you!), my love and inspiration to be in service of YOU living your best life grows more and more.


Words from past online course participant Tina Ohme:

This beautiful women right here has been such a blessing in my life! Michelle has helped me figure out so many things about myself and really get raw and real about my life. She has given me an endless amount of tools to help me get through tough times and still keep going in life. Before I started working with her, I would mostly try to suppress/avoid things that came up and now I’ve realized that does me, and my family, a huge disservice. I cannot wait to begin this class and see all the great things that come with it! ?❤

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