Why oh why am I saying GO BIG?

by | Jul 20, 2019

Have you taken a look at my new online course GO BIG! Step Into the Life You Desire?

It starts July 23rd, and if you miss it this year, make sure you sign up for my email list to not miss any of my amazing course announcements!

I’m writing to answer some of your questions about the course, namely…

Who is this course for? Why did I call it GO BIG?

In my last email, I shared that “GO BIG” was what I heard last year when I was thinking about creating change in my own life.

That change came from choosing to truly honor myself and my gifts.

Up until that point, I was keeping myself small in different parts of my life.

What this might look like for you is:

-not saying or doing what you truly want to say or do (because “it’s inconsiderate, selfish, too crazy” or because you don’t want to be shamed or judged)

-not even knowing what you truly want

-hiding your talents (because it’s “too self-centered, self-absorbed”)

-judging other people, while you secretly pine for what they have or do

-anxiety, depression, or even relationships that restrict your life’s energy

(*faulty belief systems in parentheses!)

If the above experiences resonate with you, you might be able to feel how they keep you small — literally, energetically and physically contracted.

This is what can lead to dis-ease, injury, and an overly stress-filled life.

While nature’s nature is to grow and bloom into abundance and more and more life.

The healthy tree doesn’t decide “I’ll stop here.” It keeps growing, blooming, and cycling through the seasons, until its time is done.

This pattern of keeping yourself small disconnects you from your TRUTH = which is equal to your abundance and your life energy.

So my response is

This will look different for all of us.

For you, it might literally mean, getting a bigger house or car, if that is your truth.

And the deeper truth I’m looking at in this course is that you GO BIG…

In your creativity

In your loving

In your expression

In your financial abundance

It won’t hurt anyone else. It won’t take away from anyone or anything else.

Remember nature works with abundance.

We will explore this in-depth in GO BIG! and get specific about what BIG permissions, actions, and experiences you want to gift to yourself.

And we will unblock what is stopping you from living the life you truly desire.

I am honored to be your guide in this work, which for me is facilitating the dance of your life.

There is no better time than NOW to let your life change.

And a few more logistics:

*Check out my Facebook Live about GO BIG! and make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Until then, you can click here for more info on the course.

Please send your questions our way so I can get you some answers. ?

In honor of your fullest life…

BIG Love,

*Enrollment for GO BIG! Step Into the Life You Desire 2019 is now closed — but the course will return in 2020! To keep updated on my latest online offerings and healing work, make sure to sign up for my newsletter.

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