Why you aren’t getting what you want

by | Sep 17, 2021

If you’re consistently stuck on the same problem in your business or relationships, your core wound is running the show.

Understanding your core wound is crucial to finally put an end to the same frustrations and disappointments showing up in your life.

So… what is your core wound?

It’s a deeply ingrained belief system that basically says I’m not lovable or I’m not worthy.

You were taught to believe this. Obviously, it’s not true, but it sneaks in and shows up through what you (subconsciously) create in your life.

This can look like repeated exhaustion, loneliness, insecurities, and definitely problems with money or growing your business.

Sadly, people with big dreams and goals never reach them if they don’t learn how to heal their core wound.

They procrastinate, start doubting their dreams are possible, and they miss the opportunities that are right in front of them and get better at staying stuck.

Don’t let this be you!

How do you heal your core wound?

The first thing is that you acknowledge the areas in your life where you’re tolerating something you don’t want.

The opposite of that is what you desire.

So this could look like:

Toleration: I’m not making the money I want.

Desire: I want to make _______. (Name the specific amount.)

And then it’s a process of going through all the excuses you have around why this isn’t happening, and figuring out what’s true or false. (This is the sneaky part!)

The last thing you do is list the new behaviors that will change this.

And you MUST commit to doing them.


This final step is where the big personal growth happens (and where the blindspots show up), but once you master this, it’s gold for your results!


You build your self-esteem and trust, which is how you create completely new results in your life.

Remember, your subconscious mind is incredibly insidious! It makes you miss opportunities that might be right in front of you and instead do things that keep you stuck rather than moving forward.

That’s why it often helps to have someone else’s outside eye.

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In service and with love,

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