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by | Sep 9, 2020

How are you?! It’s only been 2 weeks since I paused from this amazing weekly email ?, but gosh, it feels like it’s been a month! (If you missed the last message, please listen to the audio on the blog about “Taking a Break.”)

So…let’s get to it!

Today’s topic: What does it mean to write your own story?

Every day you are are making decisions.

Bringing conscious awareness to the multitude of those decisions is what helps you grow.

This is what helps you write your own story.

You can start to see something like…

“I feel unheard whenever I’m talking to my partner (boss, friend, or mom).”

So you can then ask yourself “what decisions am I making that are contributing to not feeling heard?”

Or more curiously and pointedly, “how is not being heard serving me?”

Because every choice we’re making is making something possible.

You can apply this self-inquiry practice to every facet of your life… Why do I constantly feel like I don’t have enough time, energy, money, friends? How is that serving me? What decisions am I making (or not making) that make this possible?

Get curious, quiet, and open. Be honest and go deep. Do this self-inquiry with absolutely no judgement.

This process will allow you to take full responsibility so you can begin to consciously write your own story.

This Saturday, I’ll be helping people write their own stories (and make some powerful edits) in Meditate-Move-Heal.

Check out Christine’s MMH story:

“When I started working with Michelle as part of Meditate-Move-Heal, I was drawn in by a spark of curiosity, but uncertain about what it meant or why. During our sessions, Michelle gently guided me back to listening to and trusting the innate wisdom in my body. She always asks the most important questions! My life is in the process of transforming from uncertainty and overwhelm towards clarity and strength in intuition. She has given me practical tools for focusing my energy and healing the stuck parts along the way.” – Christine S. in Chicago, IL

Work Christine!?? To live your version of this story, please join us this weekend (live or via the video recording).

——–> Sign up TODAY!

Your story is written more by your own hands that you realize.

See you Saturday!!

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