You and Simone Biles? 4 Tips for Olympic inspiration to balance your body and mind

by | Jul 29, 2021

 CHow does your life reIate to what US Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is going through this week?

You don’t need to be a global superstar to feel the incredible pressure of Life.

The wins and the upsets as you figure out how to keep your business running and your relationships intact…

…and not only intact (survival), but in a way that brings you joy, energy, and inspiration!

I haven’t met Simone (yet!), but I was invited to talk about all the Olympics hype around mindset and her decision to not compete on several national news and radio stations this past week.

We’ve posted the links on the blog plus 4 short tips on how to stay inspired when struggles hit.

1 – Winning is an inside job. YOU get to determine what your standards for excellence and winning are. Once you learn to live by doing YOUR best, you’ll develop even more confidence, trust, and the inspiration to keep going.

2 – Success is an awareness, not a destination. Talk to any successful person and you’ll see that it’s not about arriving somewhere and “voilà, you’re done!” Learning to think and act successfully is a way of living (and loving)!

3 – Having an impenetrable spirit is a non-negotiable. The more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll create new opportunities and new challenges. You find success by becoming the person who can face the unavoidable challenges that are part of growing your successful life and business.

4 – Have fun! Learning to love the ride is more than half the battle.

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And here are some interviews from the past week for more inspiration to keep your winning spirit alive!

Good Day DC
NBC5  Chicago
All About Women
Good Day Columbus
Now Morning Xtra
KMBZ Radio

In service and love,


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