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You Being You is my Favorite TV Show

by | Apr 12, 2020

I want to share a love story from this past week that was incredibly moving.

On Tuesday night I led my Monthly Mastery Series group, and I got to witness 8 incredible beings drop deeply into their authenticity.

There was movement, magic, vulnerability, and releasing pain and limitation to shine brightly on the other side.

In one moment, one participant (we’ll call her Kate) was feeling stuck. Some part of Kate was resisting being seen.

So, I asked the whole group to individually welcome in this resistant part, a part that Kate had been hiding for decades.

One by one, each participant greeted her with tenderness and safety.

And Kate’s heart burst open showered by all that love.

It was divinely beautiful to see.

And I was crying like I had just injected tear jerker sauce into my veins!

✨Watching you be you is my favorite tv show.✨

If you know me well at all, you know I suck at watching tv. I cover every Airbnb and hotel tv with a scarf, usually can’t figure out how to work a remote, don’t have a Netflix account, and would likely reply with “what’s that?” If you named a current tv series.

But I do spend my time listening to tons of interviews and educational programs.


Because it helps me help you, and I am in LOVE with watching you be you.

I love watching you admit how beautiful you are, how talented you are, how worthy you are.

I love watching you reveal that part of yourself that was shamed into hiding but is the truth of your soul.

I love seeing you laugh with the pleasure of self-discovery.

I love seeing you surpass what you once thought was so difficult.

I can’t say it enough that it is a gift to see you rise into your light, and I know part of why I’m here on this planet is to protect those lights that were told to stay dim, that were nearly extinguished due to someone else’s fear or ignorance.

This work is not an act of defense.

It is an act of profound love,

that springs from the deepest, inexhaustible well of Love.

Let’s light up the world together.

I’ll be announcing (very soon!) my free workshop on learning to love yourself so deeply that you can’t help but shine your light brightly on every other being and thing on this planet. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please make sure you’ve downloaded my free audio “Realign Towards Your Dreams“. A young woman just told me yesterday that she’s been doing it everyday, and it’s been helping her more than therapy!

Now more than ever is the time to uncover how you can create the life you want, which is essentially a practice of You Being You through and through.

Please share this message with anyone who would benefit from reading these words.

In service and LOVE,

How can you start this work today??

1) Sign up for Meditate-Move-Heal. The next session happens next on Saturday, May 9th. Sign up HERE today!

2) Get my free Meditate-Move-Heal session by clicking HERE, plus watch the 20-minute Monday Healing sessions designed to supplement this practice on Facebook and Instagram Live at 1pm PST/4pm EST, happening every Monday until April 20th.

3) Download my free audio “Realign Towards Your Dreams” by clicking HERE!

4) Ready to go big? Apply here to work do my one-on-one Coaching+Healing Program and we can get on the phone to discuss the details!

It’s always a blessing to hear how the work is helping you. I’m honored to share these responses here: 

Your session last night was exactly what I needed. Thank you so very much for offering your time — in light of what’s happening I know there were and are so many people who were and will be uplifted by your words and your offerings.
Sending light and love,
Marie Lloyd Paspe
Performer, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company — New York, NY

Being a part of the group was a really poignant part of the experience for me. Being seen is not easy, but I found it almost a faster access point to healing because it’s something that I avoid in my real life at times. And then being able to witness and hold space for others throughout the process was so rewarding! I learned so much from the other participants and the things they are going through.
– Kayla Castellon, Dance Artist & Organizer – Miami, Fl

Dear Michelle Boule,
Your hour-long meditation came right on time. I said yes and I released some things after the heart meditation and acknowledgment that the “challenging” time right now is not the same as something experienced in the past. Thank you! Thank you for what you do!
Be well,
Kimya Imani Jackson

Spread THE LOVE folks. We will get through this and all heal faster!??

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