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by | Mar 11, 2022

I help people who have a desire they want to manifest, but they’re stuck.

“Stuck” is the moment when you need to reach out and leverage someone else’s experience.

But when a person tells me they really want something, and they can’t find the money or time to go after it, I know there’s a problem with “influencing.”

So I want you to meet the most important influencer who can change your life right now.

[Cue: curtain reveal]

Now go take a look in the mirror.

This influencer is YOU!

When you learn how to influence yourself, you’ll have no problem making sales, finding clients, creating income, or making time for what you love.

The problem is that a person has so many other voices in their head, that they don’t know what to listen to or what’s true.

The worst way these voices show up is through doubt, fear, and worry… aka the trio of dream killers.


Influencing is a deep process of discovering who you truly are  and developing self-trust and awareness to be that person.


When you’re clear about who you are, what you’re here to do, and how incredible you are, things start to happen in your life in a very different way.

This beautiful, ongoing process of self-discovery makes your life better every single day… the way your life is designed to be!

If you’re feeling stuck, there’s some part of you that is wanting to come out. Let’s welcome this part of you to the stage.

It’s scary at first but much easier than hiding.

If you stay the course with persistence, you’ll enter into one of the most rewarding phases of your life!

And the world will thank you for sharing your beauty.

With love,

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