Your divine power to create

by | Jan 9, 2021

At the end of 2019, a well-known “intuitive” told me that 2020 would be a very challenging year, especially for anyone who wasn’t prepared.

I lightly packed his comment away in the back of my mind, and mostly forgot about it until 2020 showed up in full force.

How interesting…

Life constantly asks us to adapt. Nature does this beautifully. Tree roots extend and network to the farthest reaches underground for nourishment. Plants bend towards and follow the sun daily.

You do this too. *You are nature.* But your ability to consciously think and choose (aka your unique human intellect) is what puts you into a kerfuffle.


When misguided, your intellect has the power to take you away from your true nature.


So let’s turn this around this year and here’s one way how…

Your intellectual power to think and choose is also how you *create.*

It’s how you design new experiences, realities, and paradigms that support the world as a whole, especially when you’re asked to adapt (like in 2020)!

By design, YOU being your creative self contributes to the fabric of this world…

…in whatever way you show up… the expression of your humor, your fashion, your percolating dreams, ideas, and desires that ask YOU to stretch into an even fuller expression of yourself.

My job is to support people like you into your greatest expression. This work gives me a front row seat to divine creativity. Seriously, you wow me.


So, create in the best ways you know how today. Let yourself be inspired to rise beyond the “problems” of your current reality.
Trust in the creative expression of your true nature.


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In service and love,

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