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by | Feb 21, 2018

Three years ago, I let myself follow a nudge of curiosity.

The New York based dance organization Movement Research was honoring the esteemed choreographer Bebe Miller at their annual gala, and a performance of her work danced that evening by her two long-time collaborators, Angie Hauser and Darrell Jones, left me mesmerized.

I was struck by how this type of dancing was something I wasn’t seeing in NY anymore. Two incredibly skilled, virtuosic performers who also worked with a deep, subtle, and very alive embodiment of humanity and relatedness.

I left that evening asking “what is Bebe Miller doing? How did she make that dance?”

So I flew myself out to Columbus, OH where Bebe lives so I could study with Bebe, Darrell, Angie, and dramaturg Talvin Wilks.

And Bebe asked me to be in her next dance.

This week I’m performing with the Bebe Miller Company at New York Live Arts, the 3rd stop of a multi-city, multi-country tour of the dance that was made.

Here’s a picture of us before dress rehearsal last night!

Three years ago, I let myself be curious. I let myself follow the flow. The resources to make it all possible showed up.

Following that initial impulse has given me the journey of working with a group of incredible, dedicated dance artists, whom I enjoy watching more and more everyday.


I am able to keep performing, a life-long love of mine.

I’ve done BodyTalk sessions on three members of the company so far. 🙂

I can actively step into, receive, and move with the gifts this process is giving me.

That’s the gratitude dance of it all.

We’re performing at New York Live Arts this week in NYC (and later in Seattle, Chicago and South America).

Come see us dance.

Maybe today after reading this, you can drop into your body (and out of your head) and let yourself follow the flow.

Your mind may want to rationalize, analyze, and even resist the moment, but curiosity flows at a deeper level of intuition.

It might be about reaching out to someone you’ve been wanting to talk to.

Or taking another route home from an errand or work.

Or knowing that it is time for something to shift and diving fully into that action. (Fast flow!)

The energy that moves us is there. We can step into that movement and see how it feels.

This is where the dancing happens.

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the ride.

And be in touch and let me know how it goes.

Sending love,

*This is a phone video of Lily Skove’s silent video that is playing in the lobby at New York Live Arts. It’s beautifully shot! If you’re in the neighborhood, pop in and watch for a few minutes. (The noise on this video is from the lobby, not the actual video.)

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