To Witness into Potential

by | Mar 16, 2018

Hello from Seattle, where I’m performing again with the Bebe Miller Company at On the Boards.

On Tuesday morning, I had the gift of doing a distant session for a client in Southern California. (I love that this work doesn’t always need to happen in-person and that I can still do it on tour!)

The session reminded me again that the magic of this work, just like performing, happens in the act of witnessing.

We are all powerful beings, and when we let that be seen by someone else and can also see or “witness” that in others, we open up a space for immense transformation and potential.

Both the “seeing” and “being seen” take courage.

This includes the courage to see what is actually there, all of it “good and bad,” without an agenda, denial, or blinders…


…the courage to not need to fix what’s there.

Thank you to the many people (men especially!) in my life who have reminded me that they don’t want to be fixed, just seen or heard.

When someone is truly witnessed, they can rise to their potential.

When we’re not trying to fix ourselves, committing to the idea that we are “broken,” our highest selves can step in.

And sometimes all it takes is witnessing.

Once something (a situation, person, relationship) is truly seen, for exactly what it is–nothing more and nothing less–it starts to move, shift, and change with the movement of life itself.

We don’t always need to do this with another person. Taking a good solid look at ourselves in the mirror or doing some self-reflection can do a lot.

And sometimes we do need someone else to hold space for us, to witness us into our potential. (Book a session or call a friend!)

Something that you can try right away is to let yourself find a moment today where you can truly see someone else or make enough space for someone else to truly see you, without any dodging, judgement, or defense mechanisms.

Make eye contact. Pause a few seconds longer before you speak.

As a long-time performer, I can assure you that the dances always come alive when there is an audience!

We have three more shows here in Seattle (come or send your friends), and then I’m back in NYC for a bit. I’ll be in my new Manhattan office starting on Tuesday, and if you’ve made it this far, I’m happy to offer you a 20% Spring discount if you book a session in March. The session just needs to be booked this month and can happen in April or May!

Code: SPRING20

Be in touch and let me know how the witnessing goes. If you want to go deeper, book a session.

It’s always a gift to work with you.

Much love,

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