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by | Feb 19, 2019

Photo above is of Philip Connaughton and Michelle Boulé dancing in John Scott’s “Body Duet”


Anger causes confusion in a lot of us.

For some anger erupts and is followed by guilt about being angry. Or maybe your formula is regret plus guilt after getting angry.

For many, the anger gets repressed and eventually seeps out in toxic, passive aggressive ways.

Anger in its natural expression is a source of deep power.

I’m sharing a post I wrote 3 years ago about anger. It felt important to do so because so many people afterwards told me how powerful it was for them to reframe their relationship to anger.

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Please read on, be well, and be in touch if you want to do some one-on-one work together.

It is a always gift to watch you step into your power.

With love,
Michelle ❤️

From July 2016 (edited):

Last week I spent 6 amazing days in SourcePoint Therapy Training with Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei. 

The SourcePoint work gave me an immediate sense of deep calm and peacefulness, but by Day 4, I started to feel irritable and impatient while I was being worked on. My body would twitch and jerk on the massage table, and this continued into the night after the training. My instinct knew to listen and let it move. In fact, I couldn’t really stop it.

The next morning I told Bob that my energy felt explosive at times and asked what to do if this happened with a client. He commented on the nature of anger, saying that behind it is often incredible power.

As synchronicities go, this week I opened one of my Ayurvedic cookbooks right to the “Crunchy Coconut Cookies” recipe (yum!) next to a short essay called “About Claiming Power.”

Author Amadea Morningstar writes about the frightening, yet also sacred and resourceful nature of rage:

“Appropriate anger can lead to effective and skillful action. Suppressed unarticulated anger can create many problems, among them binging and weight issues. I put this [essay] next to Crunchy Coconut Cookies because, in my twenty years of nutrition practice, I saw a lot of women crunching their way through situations of unacknowledged power and rightful anger.“
Many of us can probably relate to this regardless of gender.
The explosive energy I felt in the SourcePoint training was movement, the natural movement of anger.
When left unchecked or suppressed, anger turns toxic, showing up in the form of disease, passive aggressive behavior, and outright violence.
Dance, movement, and creativity have been powerful outlets for me, along with over two decades of working with my body, mind, and spirit in a holistic manner.

Allowing myself to “feel and experience” anger, often residual from early childhood, has given me incredible clarity and power.

So instead of throwing something across the room, which I’ve done, I ask myself:

What’s here?
How does it want to move?

Sometimes I let it move me, literally dancing, punching, and making sound.
Sometimes when I give it space, I realize it’s hiding fear or sadness.
Sometimes I channel anger into being very clear about a situation or a need.

Remember, an emotion only lasts 90 seconds. Feeding emotions with stories in your mind is what makes emotions last for hours, days, or even decades.

You can read more about that in another blog post “How To Do A Self-Love Pushup.”

So I invite you to:

*resource the power behind anger
*find people, practitioners, and systems to help do this in a practical way.

Below is a quote written in a review by dance writer Lisa Kraus after a performance I did with choreographer John Scott in Philadelphia:

“Michelle Boulé is a force of nature. She dances like a volcano and I can’t take my eyes off her.“

Anger can literally rise through your spine into creativity, vitality, clarity, and protection—sacred protection of the purpose you were put on this earth to accomplish.

Relating to anger is an ongoing process, and I’m happy to assist and witness your process through what can sometimes feel like chaotic and murky territory.

Hidden within this is the seed of your power.

“Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found it was ourselves.” -Robert Frost



What people are saying:

Thank you very much for the session. I am amazed at how my patterns of worry were uncovered in the group online session. I knew about this tendency but not how deeply they were affecting me.  

After the class, the remainder of the day was dramatically different. Meal time with my young son was a joy, instead of being filled with concern. That night I was better at signing off from work so that I was to bed earlier instead of finding something to worry about.  

Since then the old patterns have re-emerged but after a bit, I realize what is going on and clear my head. I am weary of those old patterns and do not want them influencing my son. The tools you gave me to continue this work are appreciated. 

I can’t thank you enough for your warmth and insight.

– Katy, “Let It Go, Let It Flow” participant

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