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This annual 90-minute course offers a strong dose of

“letting go of the old to make space for the new”

at the beginning of each New Year.

Design a Clear Vision for 2020

Michelle guides you through powerful personal exercises, life coaching, and energy work, to make sure your vision for 2020 is clear and that you are ready with your next Action Step to take to make that vision happen.

With “Let It Go, Let It Flow” you will learn how to surrender into creating the life that you want.

Experience the Power of Group Healing

In the live session, a few participants are chosen to be in the Hot Seat, where Michelle does one-on-one work with them in front of the group. Another person’s personal experience often resonates deeply with everyone watching. Remember that everyone receives the benefits in group healing.

(*And make sure to join the group session live to get this opportunity!)

During the workshop you will


Get clear about your 2020 priorities


Find the doorway through any resistance


Learn how to allow things to flow into your life


Schedule your next Action Step


Let community be your teacher

What’s Included

90-min Live Group Workshop
You only need to set aside 90 minutes as a commitment to yourself to start 2020 off with some amazing support and clarity.
Workshop Video Recording
You’ll have access to the Workshop Video Recording for one month, which means no procrastinating! Or…life is short. Let’s get this party started NOW!

Date and Time

Sunday, January 5 at 2 PM EST via Zoom

This course is an annual favorite and also a great introduction to Michelle’s work, in case you are interested in doing more personalized coaching with her.

January 5, 2020

Let It Go, Let It Flow

Online Group Workshop

Invite a Friend!

Invite a friend or a loved one to join the workshop with you for an additional $17!
When you register, you will get an email with instructions to send to your friend so they can join the course.
What clients are saying
Michelle helped me realize so many incredible things about myself and my life. She helped me realize that I’ve been living in my past, and that I can move on from the pain, live in the present, and be the best I can be for myself and my family! She has a truly been a lifesaver.
Tina Ohme
Leland, IL
Ok, THAT was F’n awesome! I honestly can’t believe how many things you touched on that I’ve been dealing with…I also made a pretty major connection with myself and issues I’ve had relating to my dad. Wow, just awesome. I’m interested to see if how this resonates with me over time. Thank you Michelle!
Meg Burns Lietz
I don’t think I ever properly thanked you for all of the work you did with me. It really was the beginning of a journey for me that felt like walking through a swamp and now feels more like soft dirt 🙂 — don’t want to make it too dreamy! — but I can rightly say that I am much happier, healthier person emotionally, spiritually, physically and I am grateful for your role in it.
Michelle E.
Art Director, New York
I am amazed at how my patterns of worry were uncovered in the group online session. After the class, the remainder of the day was dramatically different. Meal time with my young son was a joy, instead of being filled with concern. That night I was better at signing off from work so that I was to bed earlier instead of finding something to worry about. Since then the old patterns have re-emerged but after a bit, I realize what is going on and clear my head. I am weary of those old patterns and do not want them influencing my son. The tools you gave me to continue this work are appreciated. I can’t thank you enough for your warmth and insight.
“Let It Go, Let It Flow” participant, New York

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