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FREE online movement, meditation, and healing session

While we all go through this unknown time that’s upending life as we’ve known it, it’s important to stay grounded, to step outside of the landslide of fear, and to take wise care of ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors.

In this session, we focus on using movement, meditation, mindset, and energy medicine to:


calm your nervous system


boost your immunity


balance your emotions


get in tune with the wisdom of your body


shift your heart and mind to support your health


find a creative solution to a current pressing issue


connect you with a community that’s ready to heal and love

Remember, one of the most crucial reminders we need to hear is that:

fear decreases your capacity to heal and maintain your health.

Your body shuts down your digestion and immune system and goes into an unsustainable adrenal response. This compromises the daily repair and maintenance your body needs to stay healthy, as well as your ability to think critically.

Meditate-Move-Heal gives you tools to keep your body, mind, and spirit functioning at optimum health.

Please join me and invite your friends, loved ones, and colleagues. Kids are also welcome!

I’m honored to share the knowledge I’ve acquired through 20+ years of studying movement, somatics, energy medicine, and mindset to support you into a healthy, grounded state of mind, body, and spirit.

In service and LOVE,

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