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Private coaching with Michelle Boulé

Private work with Michelle helps you get crystal clear on:

What you want in life

How to get there

Michelle’s support will help you discover your innate power and authentic expression–the truth of who you are. This becomes your foundation for living, your foundation for success.

The support is custom-designed for you. It’s a space for you to share your goals, desires, and struggles openly. Michelle will offer you her loving and passionate focus, depth, insight, and support to help you let go of what’s holding you back, so you can realize your fullest expression and potential.

You’ll gain confidence in how to navigate through your life and work with deep inner trust. As you work with the guidance, Action Steps, and resources Michelle shares, you’ll have her support when challenges and roadblocks show up. The work gives you new tools that you can use for life.

Michelle’s methodology draws on nearly three decades of researching movement, Human Design, psychology, mindset training, health, somatics, universal law, prosperity, consciousness, energy medicine, and spirituality to help you live your entire life as your greatest creation. Everything is done with LOVE.

Please note: After several years of only offering coaching packages, you can now book a single session with Michelle.

Prior to your session(s), you’ll fill out an extensive intake form so Michelle can better understand your background and also prepare your Human Design chart. During your session, she’ll work with you on what is most urgent and you’ll receive Action Steps and Resources to help you move forward.

**If you would like a more extensive 1:1 Coaching program that includes multiple sessions, support between sessions, and an in-person Intensive, please fill out this application, so you and Michelle can discuss options. Investment for private coaching packages ranges from $12K-96K.

What clients are saying

I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Michelle and to have had her support in transforming me through some quite intensely emotional times. I’ve created a successful business and now make a monthly income I would not have dreamed of before this. And I’ve been able to share in community and relationship in empowering ways.

Joanne Hsieh


“Michelle helped me get clear on how badly I want my dreams and how to get there. I reoriented my attitude, thinking, and beliefs, shifting perspectives in ways I wouldn’t have done on my own. I’ve learned to focus and approach my work with an urgency that has taken me from stagnancy to something more vibrant, confident, professional, directed, and aligned with my desires. In the past I would have given up, having bumped into some resistance, and doing this work has shifted that completely.

While I understand the worry about spending the money, the investment made me focus and prioritize myself much more than I would have otherwise. The best part is that Michelle brings so many skills, sources of knowledge and wisdom that she applies perfectly to the situation. She’s a sharp teacher for sharp students, for those who want to elevate their life experience.”

Patrick Burns

Missoula, MT

I’m a different person after working with Michelle. I’ve learned how to recognize the stories that I’ve been telling myself and stop them. I’ve gained consciousness and power over my own life. Most importantly I gained trust that I can do whatever I want, when I decide to. Michelle’s presence and absolutely non-judgmental support allowed me finally work through my fears, shadows, the dark side of myself to learn, accept, and heal.

One of the most amazing outcomes is that I haven’t had anxiety ever since. I’ve had anxiety since I was a child. I went to PTSD therapy, and had diagnoses and an identity where anxiety seemed like a given. I learned it doesn’t have to be that way. It feels almost miraculous.

I’m happier, calmer, more loving, loved, and empowered. I focus on what I can do to make myself happy, instead of expecting it from external sources. I stopped making myself suffer.

Ági Grelinger

Dance Artist and Educator – Copenhagen, Denmark

What clients are saying

My work with Michelle has been a HUGE catalyst in making social isolation work for my business and now I’m offering cooking consults over Zoom and have launched a dream project that has 94x my monthly income! It’s hard to imagine many of the recent changes I’ve made in my life without the powerful push that working with Michelle has given.

Ian Pecoraro

Chef and founder of Cellar Door Cooking

“I decided to do a 3-month program with Michelle, to prepare myself for leaving my job and doing my artist-healer work full time. It felt like a lot of money, but as soon as I committed to support myself in this way I received a commission for the same amount! I knew Michelle’s expertise and study in this area would be of assistance, and it was. She is masterful in recognizing the blocks (emotional, energetic, practical) that we put between ourself and our goals and establishing a clear and grounded plan for the work to make your dream a reality. Having made the transition to full-time self-employment, I regularly use the tools I gained to prioritize my action steps, observe my reactions, and work clearly with the energetics of money.”

Leah Nguyen

Artist Healer, @planetpaintpeople, www.planetpaintpeople.com

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