The Field


The Field is Boulé’s ongoing research project in the integration of her extensive background and research in healing practices, dance, and performance. The performers experiment with the ways in which bodies can, through movement and improvisation, let go of a certain kind of knowing in order to cultivate a new and emergent relationship to freedom, transformation, resonance, and form. Much as in a healing practice, the performers open themselves to the somatic currents of energy exchanged between one another, rather than direct, correct, or choreograph these currents. Sound design was provided by the performers with contributions from Curtis Tamm.

The video documentation of The Field from the Triple Canopy site-specific performance event “If Our Bodies Are Beyond Logic” was followed by a conversation with Triple Canopy senior editor Lara Mimosa Montes and Boulé and Pourazar. They discussed their experiences as collaborators and improvisers, their desire to unsettle “the brain-body hierarchy,” and their efforts to imagine “blueprints toward healing.” If Our Bodies Are Beyond Logic is part of Risk Pool, an issue that asks: how are sickness and wellness defined, and by whom? What are the effects of these definitions, these acts of naming and describing?

Choreography & Performance: Michelle Boulé in collaboration with Kayvon Pourazar
Sound Design: Michelle Boulé in collaboration with Kayvon Pourazar, with contributions from Curtis Tamm

May 11, 2018 — in-process showing at Baryshnikov Arts Center (New York, NY)

July 15, 2018 — in-process showing at Summer Stages Dance @ ICA Boston (Boston, MA)

September 12 & 13, 2018 – site-specific performance and conversation at Triple Canopy (New York, NY)

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