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It’s Time to Live the Life You Desire and Deserve!

Learn how to effectively reflect, heal, and fall deeply in love with yourself.

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THE Self-Love Course – a LIVE 4-week Journey that Creative, Ambitious, and Spiritual Women & Men are Using to Create a Life they Absolutely Love

THE Self-Love Course – a LIVE 4-week Journey that Creative, Ambitious, and Spiritual Women & Men are Using to Create a Life they Absolutely Love

Are you…


Stuck in a career that no longer “fits” or a relationship that just isn’t working?


Finding yourself in constant overwhelm and exhaustion?


Insecure about asking for what you want in life?


Lacking the confidence to go for your dreams?


At war inside your mind … hopeful one moment and spiraling into fear the next?


Tired of hiding and feeling awful about your body?


Thinking “that awesome [ fill in the blank ] won’t ever happen for me.”


Ready to feel better, love deeper, and create the life you desire?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, I get it.

I know you may be feeling overworked, underpaid, confused, or just plain dissatisfied with your life right now, and I want you to know that…

Your body can feel better.

Your relationships can be more authentic.

Your innate gifts can be uncovered and nurtured.

You can have what you deeply desire.

Join me for a 4-week journey to uncover the root of your dissatisfaction so you can pull it out and replace it with love.

Love for yourself that overflows from within you out to everyone around you.


THE Self-Love Course

A foundational journey to heal from the inside out so that you can create a life you love.

It’s time to stop hiding… stop suffering… stop preventing yourself from living your best life.

This is not about blaming yourself or others. It’s about taking ownership of how you live every day, how you love yourself and the people around you, and how you authentically embrace your inner truth.


you are love.

And we will spend 4 weeks deeply ingraining this into your body and mind.

I’ll never forget a moment just a few short years ago in 2018. I was living in New York City and had been traveling the world as a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher for nearly 20 years. It was also the 10th year anniversary of managing my energy healing practice.

By the end of that year, I could physically feel the tension up to my ears, the pressure in my head from living a life that was becoming more than I could handle. I knew if I kept living this way, I would get sick.

Here’s the thing… I loved everything I was doing. The dancing and the healing practice were exactly what I wanted. So I couldn’t help but ask myself why I felt burnt out and was fresh off yet another heartbreak. I knew something wasn’t quite aligned with what I deeply wanted.

I loved pouring time and energy into my clients, friends, colleagues, and partner, but I was often left feeling empty and depleted. I couldn’t figure out how to work less, make more money, or let my life expand beyond my limited imagination.

I decided to try something radical – loving and accepting exactly who I am and where I was, so I could move forward.
What happened next was remarkable. I grew more in the last 2 years then I ever have, no longer recycling what I thought was possible again and again. Instead I’m consistently creating new possibilities and upleveling myself.

Now I lead my clients through the same processes I used so they can navigate the transition from overworking to aligning, from burnout to flow, from resentment to joy, and from judgment to love.

Wait Michelle…

How is self-love going to help me create a life I love?

The answer is simple:

The quality of your life and relationships is a direct reflection of how much you love yourself.

And I’m NOT referring to self-love that comes only when certain conditions are met…

This is not self-love dependent on you losing weight, going to the spa, saying the right thing, or getting the client, the gig, or the raise.

I’m referring to condition-free, pure self-love. When you love yourself, your life aligns around who YOU truly are and what you deeply desire, not someone else’s idea of what your life should look like.

I call this THE Self-Love Course because it’s THE beginning of a beautiful life journey that will give you personal fulfillment, amazing relationships, and a life you absolutely adore. 

As an internationally-renowned and award-winning professional dance artist, with over 20 years of experience in dance and somatic therapies, I know how things feel when they “work”, flow, move, and connect together as a seamless unit.

I’ve also spent 13 years mastering energy and consciousness-based medicine, so I can help you look at yourself in the mirror every morning with compassion, love, and acceptance – to bring your voice to the world. 

Come to me when you’re ready for big changes–emotional and mental balance, relief from suffering and self-judgment, and deep personal transformation.

When you work with me in THE Self-Love Course, I invest in your growth by providing the warm and firm, yet encouraging, support you need to finally eliminate the negative thought patterns that are impacting your life.

Let’s get started!

Picture me as your guide and partner, cheering you on and leading you to your next breakthrough.

THE Self-Love Course

A foundational journey to heal from the inside out so that you can create a life you love.

Here’s how we’ll do the work:


Set the Stage

We begin by honestly acknowledging where you are NOW and taking the first step forward. I’ll support you in your own “Decision + Commitment Formula,” and we’ll get super specific on your main goals for this course. This honors you as the incredible creator you are.


Break Through Blocks

During this phase of our work we’re going deeper into your stopping points and what’s really been keeping you stuck right where you are. This is your opportunity to turn disappointment around, stop playing small, release the inner critic, and catapult yourself to where you want to be.


Embodied Love

Let’s bring your body onboard. This is when we build physical practices related to your body, environment, and relationships so you can thrive. You’ll know all about healthy boundaries when we are through! Plus, I’ll show you how mind and body alignment will lead you to lasting self-love success.


Building a Life Practice

Time to look forward to your future. We look at anything that might trip you up as you move on. I show you how to take our work together into your life powerfully. You’ll see how action builds confidence and that “making mistakes” is OK, and even helpful. Plus we’ll be sure to celebrate all you’ve accomplished!

Session Dates + Times 

Week 1: Session on Wednesday, July 1 at 2pm EST

Week 2: Session on Wednesday, July 8 at 2pm EST

Q&A on Thursday, July 9 at 2pm EST

Week 3: Session on Wednesday, July 15 at 2pm EST

Q&A on Thursday, July 16 at 2pm EST

Week 4: Session on Wednesday, July 22 at 2pm EST

All sessions are recorded and posted on the course page if you can’t join us live.

What You Receive

During this LIVE Course:


Personalized intake survey reviewed by me (Michelle) to identify your needs and customize the course to this specific group.


4 x 75-minute LIVE online video sessions*


2 x LIVE Q&A sessions where I answer all your course-related questions.*


Practical Tools, Resources, and Action Steps to deepen your practice and integrate the concepts

Guaranteed Hot Seat on one of the group calls (this is optional, but I highly recommend you take me up on it!).
Private Facebook Group for course members only so you can connect with others and ask questions between the calls.

Lifetime access to the course and materials.

* All Live sessions are recorded and can be watched at your convenience. You’ll be working with me directly and not just watching recorded videos


I’m including 2 *completely NEW* bonuses:

Bonus 1

Money & Sex

Join me LIVE for this new module on two topics I receive tons of questions about… Money & Sex. In this module, you’ll discover more about how to keep your money and your sexual vitality (aka life force energy) flowing, abundantly!

Bonus 2

Movement for Love Session

Let’s Dance! You’ll be led by me through my “Moving with Innate Wisdom” practice, plus a series of simple movement exercises and creative improvisations, with some good beats, to prime your heart, body, mind, and soul to be in full self-love.

Bonus 3

I like surprises. Once you complete the course, there will be more bonuses to come.


Michelle, the world is a little crazy right now. Why should I make the time to work on self-love right now?

Self-love is the cornerstone from which you build your life. It’s how you figure out who you are, so you can contribute to the world in the way that you are uniquely designed to do. Self-love is key to having meaningful relationships, success in your work, energy in your body, and integrity through living by example for your family and loved ones, as you demonstrate how to honor  yourself and your truth.

Plus, your external world and how you interact with it are a direct reflection of your internal world. We’ll be working deeply on that internal world.

And if you are worried about being able to attend the calls live, I’ve got you covered! I recommend you do attend live, but every part of the course will be recorded for you so you can go through it at your own pace.

Is this really going to make a difference for me?

Yes it will, if you do the work. Your commitment is what makes the difference. I’ll share all my knowledge on how to shed the beliefs and patterns that keep you feeling small, unseen or unheard–in other words, incapable of receiving all the love, opportunities, and experiences that are waiting to land in your lap.

Doing the work helps you acknowledge what a powerful creator you are, so you can shift into creating a life you love. It’s life-altering work, and I’m honored and thrilled to be your guide.

What techniques or tools do you use?

After reading everyone’s personal Intake Forms, I use every tool at my disposal to find the best solutions for the whole group and each individual in their Hot Seat moment. There will be plenty of work with BodyTalk, Inner Child, SourcePoint Therapy, Cardinal Method of Life Connections, meditation, mindset, somatic work and philosophies, quantum theory, and so on.

Part of my true nature is studying this work deeply and sharing it with anyone who’s interested. I love this topic and am so excited for you to start this journey with me and a group of others who are committed to unleashing love.

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