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Let It Go, Let It Flow 2019


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  • Access more growth, joy, and love in the New Year.
  • Define your vision with clarity.
  • Take the next action step to make it happen.


The Details

Michelle guides you through some personal exercises and does a group healing session, using some of the most advanced tools in energy medicine, to make sure your vision for 2019 is clear and that you are ready with the next action steps to take to make that vision happen.

Hot Seat Option – In the live session, a few participants are chosen to be in the Hot Seat. Michelle does some one-on-one work with them in front of the group, because someone’s personal experience often resonates deeply with everyone watching. Remember that everyone receives the benefits in group healing.
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Access to Video Recording is available for 1 month, which means no procrastinating! That’s it. You deserve this. Now set aside 90 minutes as a commitment to yourself to step into your power.

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