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October Community BodyTalk Session


Join Michelle for a low-cost 1-hour Online Community Healing Session on October 28, 2018, 4-5pm EST.

Distant healing is just as powerful as working in-person. When working with energy and consciousness, we don’t need to be in the same room together for healing to occur.

Further, group healing amplifies the healing for each participant. Being seen by 30 others amplifies your own process 30-fold, where each person serves as another fractal layer to your own process. Together, we witness each other into potential. The more people we have on the call, the more powerful and catalytic the energy of the session can be, so please be sure to share this with you friends and family.

All participants will be sent an audio recording after the session is over. If you are unable to attend the session live, listening to the audio recording is just as powerful!


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