Break the cycles of

So you can discover and love YOUR role
what exactly you are here to do, be, and have.

You’ll learn about::

  • why self-love is critical right now
  • the best tool to discover YOUR unique purpose
  • transforming exhaustion and resentment into vitality and abundance
  • healing your inner child

I’ll also end the workshop with:

  • group healing session for everyone

  • hot-seat individual session for one lucky attendee!*

  • Q&A session for my upcoming Self-Love Course (starts July 1!)
    You are automatically eligible for the hot seat by signing up!

Your Guide:

Hi, my name is Michelle Boulé.

I’ve studied movement and energy for over 35 years and I’ve mastered a method to take a metaphorical microscope into looking at how you create your own reality.

Using the teachings I’ve applied in my own life and my decades-long practice as an energy medicine practitioner, coach, dancer, and artist, during this workshop I’ll help you see why it’s so important to embrace movement and healing into your body and life.

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