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Clients come to Michelle when they’re ready  to step into their greatness – their most complete and vibrant expression. They  break through limitations to gain more success, impact, confidence, connection,  and LOVE.

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Michelle’s coaching gave me the gift of understanding that there are structures and natural laws designed to support us fully! This includes supportive private and group coaching, which nurtures the individual within beautiful community. I now have ease and pace with which I can tap in to my truth and make decisions aligned with my true values! I’d been seeking this my entire life. I live and love in a small mountain town, supporting arts and culture as part of a heart-led team that enjoys building community. I get to experience beauty every day, and am even slowly moving into my own creative practices! You, my dear friend, are worth every penny to invest in a life-changing and possibly life-saving program. Michelle’s coaching saved my life, setting me on a trajectory that I’d been seeking for a very long time!

Lisa Olivia

Working with Michelle has been life-changing and transformative. It helped me get the fire of my work burning and will fuel me for the rest of my life. I took leaps of faith that led to many big shifts for my dance and coaching careers  – becoming a choreographer (a dream I had for years but was afraid to pursue), having my work presented in NYC, and starting my own coaching company. I’ve made business decisions with more confidence, I’m supporting my clients in ways that I never thought were possible, and I’m earning more income than ever before. If you’re truly desiring big changes, work with Michelle! It’s absolutely worth the investment.

Nicole Mannarino

Fitness and Mindset Coach – www.nicolemannarinocoaching.com

Choreographer – www.nicolemannarino.com

Michelle fundamentally changed my attitude, my thinking, and my beliefs around pursuing my dreams and creating abundance. With her help, I finished a project I’d been working on for years, and I left my day job for a better one, a job that literally paid three times what I was making before.

While I understand the worry about spending the money, the investment made me focus and prioritize myself much more than I would have otherwise. The cost more than paid for itself, and I honestly don’t think I would have made the changes without her.

Patrick B.

Missoula, MT

I’m honestly just loving myself and being the badass woman that was hiding for so long. I’m allowing the universe to direct me gently where I’m supposed to be! Michelle had a very big part in my healing process and growth, and I think she’s an amazing woman and healer who holds space for people who are willing to see themselves. It’s honestly a beautiful process.

Laura Castellon

Yoga and Pilates instructor

I jumped in to Michelle’s program and committed to changing my current reality and moved with Michelle and the cohort each month. The transformation started to happen and I learned to take risks from a place of self-worth and intentionality to support a world of dance. I am now the founder of La Rosario Proyectos, a production company for live arts in Puerto Rico, and also recently became the Academic Leader for the Dance Program at the Universidad de Sagrado Corazón. These are just two amazing milestones but the important work that was done during my journey with Michelle was my attitude towards life and abundance. I am forever grateful to her and the community she’s built.

Awilda Rodriguez

Founder, La Rosario Proyectos

photo by Raquel Vázquez

Working with Michelle has changed my life – I have shifted some long-held beliefs about myself in big ways. This has extended to all the relationships in my life – helping me to speak my truth without fear of outcome. I am actually DOING the work I want to be doing. I have more private students than I had a few months ago, which only shows that I wasn’t putting in the work before. I was blocking my own expression in some subconscious way. I feel more resourceful. I am so thankful for Michelle in my life!

Kate Martel

I feel a lot more confident that I can make my business more profitable in a sustainable manner. I’m more open to make choices that bring me joy. In the past, sometimes growing my business felt like “heavy work”, but now it feels more like “happy work”. I realized how much I love and enjoy what I do. Overall, I feel inspired and a lot happier.

Masha Lanoue

Owner, Barking Creative

This whole last year has been a masterclass in courage. All the time I spent limiting myself with beliefs about myself… the Universe keeps showing up to tell me they’re not true! I love  the community of like-minded and like-hearted people, and that people share what they’re going through and we contextualize it through the body. I hope you know how special the containers you create are.

Billie Rose Secular

Program Development Specialist – Santa Fe, NM

I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Michelle and to have had her support in transforming me through some quite intensely emotional times. I’ve created a successful business and now make a monthly income I would not have dreamed of before this. And I’ve been able to share in community and relationship in empowering ways.

Joanne Hsieh

I really believe Michelle came into my life at the perfect time. I was stagnant, miserable, insecure, and injured, and since starting our work have healed (in more ways than one), escaped my dead end job, moved to my favorite place, and started my dream business. I now have so much resilience, plus tools and resources. And working with Michelle gave me the confidence to nearly double my rates, and I’m on track to 3x my annual income. Her work is magic!

Hannah Rae

For most of my 30-year career I struggled with perfectionism, self-doubt and often feeling like a stranger in my own life. These internal habits of mind regularly caused me to stop myself right as things would start to blossom – and I never understood why.

While working with Michelle, I was able to see through the “fog” of unconscious patterns, self-sabotage, and doubt. During Michelle’s ten-week program I doubled my income, was offered the kind of creative projects I had been wanting, and regained a sense of authority and responsibility in my creative and financial life.

Most importantly, I started living toward a vision I had been holding back on for years. Now my creative work is thriving like never before, and the dream movement studio I envisioned at the start of Michelle’s group program is opening soon.

The best part is that these successes ripple outward to benefit my dancers and the community. Though the challenges don’t ever stop arising (no, really, they don’t!), through Michelle’s work I learned new and meaningful ways to step towards those challenges, regard them as gifts, love myself more, and allow myself to succeed. Very grateful for Michelle, her programs and the cohorts she brings together!

Clyde Forth

Without a doubt, this program has changed my life. I was at the beginning of a growth process that was moving very slowly and did not have much shape or structure. I needed to change and expand, but didn’t know how to do that. I had a lot of anxiety and fundamentally didn’t trust myself, my capacity, or my worthiness. Working with Michelle has reversed all of that. I’m now on the path to having a thriving business as an artist. I understand what I’m worth and am not afraid to ask for it. I have no shame in wanting an enormous life, and most importantly, I understand my own power, my own capacity, and am strongly rooted in my own inner authority. I am finally letting all my ideas, new directions, and desires unfold and pull me forward. I cannot say thank you enough from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Corinne Spencer

Artist – Brooklyn, NY

Michelle’s support has been so incredible! I have honed in on my business, gotten really clear on what I wanted (and didn’t want) and finally raised my prices to a place where I realize I really love doing my private client work, just in the way that serves me! I am launching my prototype of my workgroup and workbook, a dream that has been years in the making. I feel way more free of stuck anger and resentment, because I recognized I was choosing to stay in those states rather than address and claim what I needed to show up fully. And that I could choose differently! As you say.. where there is a problem, there is a solution!

Tracy Broyles

photo by Adrian Hutapea

I decided to do a 3-month program with Michelle, to prepare myself for leaving my job and doing my artist-healer work full time. It felt like a lot of money, but as soon as I committed to support myself in this way I received a commission for the same amount! I knew Michelle’s expertise and study in this area would be of assistance, and it was. She is masterful in recognizing the blocks (emotional, energetic, practical) that we put between ourself and our goals and establishing a clear and grounded plan for the work to make your dream a reality. Having made the transition to full-time self-employment, I regularly use the tools I gained to prioritize my action steps, observe my reactions, and work clearly with the energetics of money.

Leah Nguyen

Artist Healer, @planetpaintpeople, www.planetpaintpeople.com

Working with Michelle has shifted a lot of internal dynamics that were preventing me from doing stuff I wanted to try. Before the course I was too afraid to start a music workshop with colleagues and promote my work as an artist to increase our income, and right now I’ve already launched it. I’m totally committed to it and I’m having a lot of fun learning about entrepreneurship and finances. I feel responsible in a new way, and it’s not as scary as I thought it would be with what Michelle has shared with us. If only I could tell you all the things I feel this course has contributed to my life/relationship and community since day 1 and especially after moving out from another country during pandemic/lockdown!! I’m totally committed to keep doing more in the future cause I know Michelle’s work REALLY WORKS!

Melanie Cascante

Quito, Ecuador

My work with Michelle has been a HUGE catalyst in making social isolation work for my business and now I’m offering cooking consults over Zoom and have launched a dream project that has 94x my monthly income! It’s hard to imagine many of the recent changes I’ve made in my life without the powerful push that working with Michelle has given.

Ian Pecoraro

Chef and founder of Cellar Door Cooking

I’ve gone from feeling scared to share, scared to ask, and scared to own my love of what I do… to feeling more clear and confident than ever about my path. I quit my jobs. I launched my dream business and now have a website, clients, a developing 8-week Ayurvedic Lifestyle Immersion Course AND I am in love… When I step back and look at what has shifted… my answer would be everything. I was on the fence about money and whether the program would be “worth it,” but I’ve experienced profound change and know 1000000% that doing this work is worth every penny.

Bryn Hlava

Mama Therapy & Somatic Touch Practitioner/Ayurdevic Health Counselor – Brooklyn, NY
I think I was expecting big changes too soon, but now I am seeing how the small changes have built up to me feeling differently. One of my goals was to have time first thing in the morning for myself. I see the fruits of this in so many ways, mostly I just feel better. I’ve let go a lot in regards to giving my daughters more responsibilities, and not only has this been better for me, it’s also improved their self-confidence. I’m now also taking guitar lessons, I organized a group of parents to participate in kickball games (it’s really fun), and every Sunday, I swim laps and then go out by myself to work on my lessons and grading. Lastly, I took a leap to participate in equity learning with other teachers over the summer. That led to me being asked to participate in whole school improvement planning. There are moments when I doubt myself but I continue to get better at believing in my abilities and that I am enough. I feel better. I have the energy I need even though I am doing as much as before – but more of the activities and time are for me.

Angela Vock

Aurora, IL

It’s so amazing how things have changed since January. I won a competition for an art project, which is higher than my usual yearly income. I was offered another 15,000 project, which I rejected because it didn’t fit my ideals. I’m proud of sticking to my dreams. I changed my relationship with my mother and can fully concentrate on my work. My home is now relaxing. And I’m in a new love relationship! WOW… the rocket you sent me saying GO GO GO really started! Unbelievable! Thank you so much for your support.

Christiane L.

Artist – Flensburg, Germany

When I started working with Michelle as part of her group program, I was drawn in by a spark of curiosity, but uncertain about what it meant or why. During our sessions, Michelle gently guided me back to listening to and trusting the innate wisdom in my body. She always asks the most important questions! My life is in the process of transforming from uncertainty and overwhelm towards clarity and strength in intuition. I now have practical tools for focusing my energy and healing the stuck parts along the way.

Christine Shallenberg

Artist and Educator – Chicago, IL

I’m a person who dances in grocery stores, gas stations, and kitchens. So, when I saw Michelle Boulé’s kitchen dance and read Letting Trust Lead to Action, I knew I was going to work with her. Anyone who dances in unexpected spaces is my people. I just didn’t know how I was going to pay to do the three-month mastery program. Oh, money! However, when I said out loud that I was going to do the program, the money showed up. I learned to release my caregiving role, and this opened up space in my life to submit an article I had been thinking about for six years and to reclaim my childhood dream of being a joyful entrepreneur.

This experience was everything!!! Thank you, Michelle.

Kimya Imani Jackson, PhD

Performance Artist | Medical Educator | Budding Entrepreneur
I’m a different person after working with Michelle. I’ve learned how to recognize the stories that I’ve been telling myself and stop them. I’ve gained consciousness and power over my own life. Most importantly I gained trust that I can do whatever I want, when I decide to. Michelle’s presence and absolutely non-judgmental support allowed me finally work through my fears, shadows, the dark side of myself to learn, accept, and heal.

One of the most amazing outcomes is that I haven’t had anxiety ever since. I’ve had anxiety since I was a child. I went to PTSD therapy, and had diagnoses and an identity where anxiety seemed like a given. I learned it doesn’t have to be that way. It feels almost miraculous.

I’m happier, calmer, more loving, loved, and empowered. I focus on what I can do to make myself happy, instead of expecting it from external sources. I stopped making myself suffer.

Ági Grelinger

Dance Artist and Educator – Copenhagen, Denmark

photo by Palle Schultz

I’ve been in therapy off and on for years, and have always loved that space of reflection and support, but tend to talk myself in circles. The work I’ve done with Michelle has asked me to approach my longstanding questions in a different way–and I’m finding movement. The first deep dive into the work gave me so much to be with, develop, and discover, at a moment when I was really struggling but also desperately ready to tune in to what I really want. The continued sessions have been the ongoing gift, and to be able to do that within a supportive community is such an amazing opportunity. I’m so very grateful for Michelle’s wisdom, inspiring honesty, and the gatherings she brings together.

Alison Bory


Michelle’s process is fascinating to me! There was something about being able to witness Michelle in her power — connecting with her (and all of our) guides so fiercely, was incredibly inspiring to me. And, being in the hot seat to experience that kind of communication firsthand was truly transformative. I would highly recommend working with Michelle!!

Kayla Castellon

Miami, FL

I don’t know how Michelle does what she does, but it works. In our work together, she has consistently been able to clearly identify things that I want to shift, in a way I haven’t quite been able to articulate for myself up to that point. And, she always does it with so much compassion that I really feel safe.

I never feel like she is trying to ‘fix’ me. Instead, she’s fully invested in supporting me to tap into the truest, fullest, most vibrant version of myself. Even when she challenges me (which is a lot!), she is able to do so without making me feel guilty or blamed, but rather supported to step forward into new ways of being with myself and in the world.

Laura G.

Durham, NC

Michelle is a guru and always amazes me with her insight, wisdom, and joy. I can feel her love even through the computer screen and trust her belief in me. I always recommend Michelle’s work! It creates a shift, even if I can’t quite explain to others how. It is an opportunity to go deeper and learn more about yourself, to start asking the right questions, to experience joy.

Ann Duffy

Pre-School Teacher & Dance Artist – Brooklyn, NY

I loved the Action Steps to practice on my own and all the video calls. The Resources for our Action Steps were really great and a generous touch to allow for deeper engagement with the work. I also got a great deal out of experiencing the work of others during the calls. It really helped me to see aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware needed attention. If someone is ready to devote the time and attention to themselves deeply, I absolutely recommend it. There is a great opportunity for positive change and healing in this work.

Larissa Velez-Jackson

Choreographer – Brooklyn, NY

I want to say thank you endlessly and deeply for your time and work with me over the last couple of years.  I went through some really hard things and I could not have come out as well-resourced without you and our work together!

Alex Z.

Dance Maker, Dancer, Health Through Movemnet – Brooklyn, NY

In my first session in Michelle’s group program, I identified issues re: self confidence, ‘being seen’, and debilitating fear. Michelle did some 1:1 work in the group with me, and gave more input in the Q&A follow up session. Coincidentally(?!) within days I got an invitation to present at an online summit. My initial reaction was deep fear, feeling totally unsafe and ‘not good enough’. I felt like saying ‘no’ but somehow this time I worked through the fear, saw that I really did want to take part, and the following day pre-recorded a 15- minute presentation for the event, a ‘first’ for me. I spoke from the heart with no fear in sight…a feeling of ‘Divine Grace’. I’m delighted to be able to contribute to a cause I’m passionate about, and deeply grateful to Michelle for the work.

Dr. Barbara Payman

Psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Michelle helped me realize so many incredible things about myself and my life. She helped me realize that I’ve been living in my past, and that I can move on from the pain, live in the present, and be the best I can be for myself and my family! She has a truly been a lifesaver.

Tina Ohme

Leland, IL

“In a moment of complete distress, I can send Michelle a text and she can turn the situation around in a 2 minute voice memo reply. That’s what I call amazing coaching. Her work is so direct and profound and has guided me towards better places in my life. If you’re considering hiring someone to get to the heart of your issues and help you create possibility, grace, and ease in your life, do not hesitate to work with her!

Lindsay C.

Hudson Valley, NY

I’ve experienced so many breakthroughs after working with Michelle. My relationships with people in my life have deepened SO much. I have started to feel more connected to my intuition and the part of myself that is radiant and beautiful and has so much energy and love to give the world. I am realizing how exhausting it is to constantly be trying to control things and micromanage my life and put my energy in boxes. During the last week I have experienced more love and more depth INTO the feeling of love than I can ever remember experiencing. It is like dipping my toes into the power I have to offer this world and myself. Thank you Michelle!

Prairie M.L. Johnson

Sioux Falls, SD – medium.com

I really like the group format and hearing other people’s narratives and struggles. It filled me with empathy and hope. It was a great group experience that I haven’t had in a loooong time. And both the online and group formats are interesting and practical in our busy lives. We could all be in the environment we choose to participate, and there’s lots of leeway to go at your own pace.

Jennifer Pollins

Founding Director of The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought – Northampton, MA

Michelle Boulé is a game changer—knowledgeable, professional, astutely observant. Her years of artistic practice inform her work as much as does her wide open heart, and create space for incredible shifts in perception and health. I’m so glad we crossed paths when we did!

Tori Amoscato

Owner, Lark Acupuncture + Wellness – Los Angeles, CA

This work is truly a remarkable gift. It feels like Michelle is able to cut through the static and noise of the busy body and mind and really locate what is needed to find balance and peace of mind. I wholly recommend it, whatever the issue may be.

Kayvon Pourazar

Dance Artist & Teacher – Brooklyn, NY

I loved the group calls! The focus of the group’s attention, watching people transform in front of my eyes and over time, and experiencing deep shifts in myself— is so special. Michelle’s work is a wonderful tool for accessing and healing the parts of oneself that are essential, that deeply inform a person’s life!

Joanne Hsieh

Acupuncturist & Artist – Brooklyn, NY

Before my work with Michelle began I was struggling with some big decisions. After the first week my priorities completely shifted and my intention became clear. As soon as my intention shifted to my heart, everything made sense and I could see the bigger picture. I also found connecting to my meditation practice is easier and this has made a really big difference to my self care experience. I need it more now than ever. Bless you Michelle Boulé and your beautiful work.

Therese Tierney

Cork, Ireland

After my session with Michelle, I felt reconnected to myself without so many fears and excess stress. Her work always reminds me that there are subtle energetic blockages we can’t always see, feel, or touch, yet when they are discovered we gain a greater perspective of ourselves and our lives that helps us to lead more vibrant lives. Thank you Michelle. You have a gift!

Marti Wolfson

Owner, MW Culinary Wellness – New York

I want to thank you so much for doing this. It is so precious that we can connect across the world like this! It was so heartwarming to be part of the group and the things that were brought up resonated deeply with me, the healing came about with the feeling that I was not alone in how I felt. Also I felt changed from within from the practice of tapping out my Cortices. Thank you for sharing this!

Sabrina Sng