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3 Easy habits for success in your business

by | Jul 17, 2021

Imagine how much time you would save to “not have to make a decision” when you’re trying to run a successful business.

That’s why the most important word in today’s message for email and post for social is “habit.”

Whether it’s your life or your business, you want to turn things into habits so you don’t have to decide to do them everyday.

You don’t spend time thinking about whether or not you should reach out to a customer, do a social post, or say NO to something that won’t move your life or business forward.

I’ll be talking about how to turn actions into habits in a FREE workshop Ask for Excellence, in Your Life and Business this Thursday July 22nd at 12pm Eastern.

So tip #1 is… Develop the right habits.

And make sure you join me Thursday where I’ll go deeper into this topic.🙌

#2 Be as direct as possible in all of your interactions.

This has been gold for me, not only in running my business, but also my personal life.

You learn how to catch all those super sneaky moments of shame, insecurity, passive-aggressiveness, and defense and replace them with humility, vulnerability and curiosity.

The result = authentic connection → true service → business success.

#3 Love what you do.

Whether you’re employed or not, this attitude shift of loving what you do is everything!

I talk about this in my movement practice in Meditate-Move-Heal. (Our next Live movement practice is this Wednesday!)

Think about how much would change if you treated your work with utmost care, while learning how to open your heart even more.

About 20 years ago, I brought love to a job I didn’t like, and within a few weeks, I had more job offers than I could say yes to.

Magic? Nope, alignment!

Hopefully, you’re doing something you love now or are well on the way to discovering what that is.


And… part of running a successful business is learning how to bring love to all the actions that make it function.


Eventually as your business grows, you can hire people who are even better than you at some of those tasks… so you can operate in your zone of genius.

Because yes, YOU are a genius!

Make sure you join me for Thursday’s Ask for Excellence workshop, where I’ll be diving deeper into all of this so you can…

…have a life and business that makes your heart sing… or break dance… or yodel.😉

——–> Save your spot in Ask for Excellence

In service and love,


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