3 tips to see making money in a new light

by | Nov 27, 2021

Looking at why the money isn’t coming into your life is something I could help you with for months. (And in fact, I’m doing just that here!)

But I want to point out a blindspot that you can work with now so you can stop spinning your wheels in confusion and worry with thoughts like…

No one will buy.
Where will I get the money.
I’m not qualified enough.
What will people think.
I’ll lose my relationships.

The problem is that if you stay in this fear and confusion vibration, it’s impossible to grow your dream, your business, or your prosperity.

More importantly, these thoughts keep you from finding the freedom and joy to live your life the way you truly want.

Because they speak to an issue that runs much deeper than just providing a great service or product.

This issue touches the core of your being and is essential to resolve and heal if you have a desire to grow your success… in business, relationships, or any facet of your life.

Here are three tips to look at making money (and freedom!) in a new light…

1 – People pay you because you provide a solution to a problem they want to solve.

It’s not because you’re their friend, you’re wearing the right outfit, or because you’re charging the lowest price. (Big red flag if you’re thinking that last one!)

Whether you’re making art, designing clothes, or teaching yoga, you are bringing Life into someone else’s life through what you do and who you are.

2 – The successful expression of your business is aligned with the successful, true expression of YOU.

This is the spiritual and healing aspect of business. Your business asks you to grow, to step into the highest expression of yourself!


This means you become the person who’s charging exactly what you want, creating and selling exactly what you want, and making the exact amount of money you want.


When you’re running your business with constant fears of what other people might think or worry about how it’s going to happen, you’re not in alignment with the honest truth that’s coursing through you about what you’re here to do, be, and have.

You are powerful!

3 – Your dream speaks to you through your completely honest desires. Your desires are your guides. Listen to them!

If you want to hire a coach, get a bigger house, buy an incredible pair of shoes, or make enough money to hire an executive assistant, this is part of your new alignment in becoming the person who can hold your dream.

In that alignment, you’ll attract the customers, clients, or donors who see your value because you see it first!

The bottom line is that you’re getting incredibly honest about who you are and accepting that 100%.

And you’re committing to taking action and getting new results that help you fully live into that alignment.

What a beautiful way to live!

In service and with love,

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