3 Ways to Make it Easier to Reach Your Goals

by | Oct 9, 2018

Hi everyone!

I’m writing to tell you how a week with daily coffee helped me realize how to make it easier to get the things I want in life.

But it wasn’t because of the coffee!

I was staying with my friends who are the owners of Share, an award-winning coffee roasting company in Hadley, MA.

Even though I’m not an everyday coffee drinker (it’s a special treat when I’m not tired), it was super easy to make that cup of coffee. I found myself, for better or worse, effortlessly doing it everyday.

A dedicated area of their kitchen had freshly roasted coffee beans, a grinder, filtered water, tools to make the coffee in multiple ways, and clean mugs right above that whole set up.

I didn’t even have to think about it, and I had coffee deliciousness in a matter of minutes. Badabing.

This made me wonder how I could make other things in my life easier–a creative project, a work goal, a dietary shift. I’m sharing my takeaways here in 3 steps you can use right away:


1. Find out what is at the heart of your impulse.

This is the BIGGEST one. Why in the world do you have this goal…to diet, earn more money, drink more coffee/less coffee, do an art project, exercise?

Oftentimes we’re doing things only because someone else has advised us to do so, or we see that everyone else is doing and think that we should do the same.

When that’s the case, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done.

Or we’re doing something as another way to be hard on ourselves!

Look at how many times you say “I should be doing…xyz” and then do you really ever do those xyz things?

But wow, that’s seriously a lot of wasted air and head space every time you say that, reinforce it in your mind, and never do anything! (It’s also hard on your liver which I talk about a little in this video.)

Being extra hard on myself was my expertise for some decades. So if you want to do a little more personal digging on this one, let’s do a session for you to help you out of that pattern.

Life changes and shifts work best when we are deeply connected to our inspiration rather than trying to motivate or “should” ourselves into being, acting, or doing something differently.

When inspired, you are operating from the knowing wisdom of your heart center rather than the amazing, yet relentless logic of your mind.

So take a moment to ask why you’re really setting up this goal for yourself? This is the hardest step, the soul-searching honesty that might inspire you to really go for it or help you realize that this goal doesn’t ring true for you.

❤️ When your heart’s not involved, you ain’t getting nowhere. ❤️


2. Rearrange your current setup.

Is there something you could change in your “environment” to make your goal easier?

*Is your yoga mat buried at the back of your closet?
*Do you have food stocked in your fridge to make yourself something healthy and delicious at a moment’s notice?
*Is there a friend or practitioner you can call or group you can join to help you change a habit or pattern?
*Do you need to set up 5 appointments to commit to learning something new, unlearning something old?

I wavered about booking singing lessons back in 2004, until I realized I would be singing live onstage in a dance I was in.

So I committed and booked 3 sessions in one go, which turned into several years of working with a teacher.

I’ve been talking and singing on stages ever since.

❤️ When you commit, the universe commits back. ❤️

3. Take time for digestion and reward.

It’s so important to actually take a moment to savor the benefits of your efforts, especially in our nonstop culture.

Digestion time and the dopamine (reward hormone) feedback in your system are crucial to help reinforce a new pattern.

This is also about building your sensitivity to notice the differences in your life, some of which might be subtle yet profound in the long run.

And finally, it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge your efforts, be okay with the outcome, and relish in the growth, whatever that may be.

A self-pat on the back goes a long way. 

And, if you haven’t started loving yourself FULLY and CONTINUOUSLY – then I invite you to join my 4 Week Self-Love Course starting this Wednesday.

In the meantime, let me know what steps you can take in making it easier to reach your goals!

Big love,

P.S. And of course, check out Share. Your first bag of coffee is free

Course starts at 6pm EST tomorrow. Registration is still open. Sign up today!

*Financial assistance is available if needed. Please email for more info.

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