Are you jealous of someone else’s success?

by | Feb 11, 2022

It can be frustrating when you see someone else who already has what you want.

You know the feeling, right?

You get jealous and try to figure out why it was so easy for her to do it.

And you come up with all the reasons why she could do it and you can’t…

She has more money, talent, connections, support, her thing is easier to sell, and on and on and on…

Can I give you some advice, with love?


There’s an easier way to look at this so you can start succeeding and finding happiness in the exact way you want…

1 – Try this thought on…

If she can do it, I can too.

Use it as your mantra!

When we get jealous, there’s often a hidden desire under the jealousy, and since we don’t know how to manifest the thing we want, we project our frustrations onto someone else in the form of jealousy.

It’s important to notice these feelings and get curious.

2 – Remember that everyone has a unique journey.

First, we don’t see everything a person has gone through to get where they are.

Second, everyone comes into this world with different opportunities, talents, and challenges.


What if you look at all of your experiences as gifts in your unique journey of life?


3 – If there’s something great you want to do, be, and have in your lifetime, know that it takes

– bringing the right support people in (and trusting that YOU are worthy of the support)!
– letting go of old beliefs that are not serving you.
– concentrated work to form new habits for success.
– faith, courage, persistence, and lots of LOVE.

These are all skills you can learn!

Because success and happiness don’t just come out of nowhere, and unfortunately, not many of us were taught how to create it.

4 – Study a successful, happy person.

Study with them if you can. Lean in. Get curious.

You’ll start to learn the principles for success, and once you start applying them to your life, you’ll see that you can accomplish whatever you put your heart and mind to.

In service and with love,

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