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Did you do this yet in 2022?

by | Jan 14, 2022

I want to share something with you that helps my clients when they’re stuck in a big way.

Once we add this “tool” to the formula, things start to shift quickly.

Income goes up. Relationships improve. And they feel more energized and inspired to manifest their visions.

Using this tool seems backwards, but believe me, it is something many great philosophers, teachers and successful people have been saying for years…

You gotta celebrate first!

(I love Soul Train!!)

Yup, I told you this one seems backwards. 🙂

Because why in the world would you celebrate if the thing you want hasn’t shown up in your life yet?

Let me explain a bit…

I help my clients see that they are the empowered creators of their reality.

Yes, there are some obvious things that are out of your control, but most people don’t realize just how much they can control.


You’re a creator. You’re an inventor. And every single thought you have has an effect in your life right now and into your future.


So, celebrating first, even before your vision shows up, sets you up to:

1 – see the opportunities that will lead you to what you want and

2 – literally set up new neural networks in your brain’s physiology that prepare you to receive the thing you want. (There’s science to prove this!)

I see my clients change from being afraid to being incredible manifesters when we bring in the energy of celebration.

Give it a try! Tell me how it goes in the Comments below.

And if you want my help in manifesting your next incredible vision, all you have to do is send us a message, and we can talk!

With love,

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