4 Tips for Better Decision Making

by | May 1, 2021

Are you aware of the one thing that moves your life forward and takes you closer to any vision or goal?

It’s your ability to make decisions.

“Successful people make decisions quickly (as soon as all the facts are available) and change them very slowly (if ever). Unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly, and change them often and quickly.” – Napoleon Hill

This isn’t just career success… it’s success in your personal relationships, your health, finances, and overall life joy.

Here’s a story that just happened a few months ago…

A client was on the fence about doing deeper work with me because they were wanting to start a family and needed a new car and a home…valid reasons.

They were afraid to make the investment, but once they committed, here’s what happened…

I got a message soon after that they had gotten pregnant, found a car and a home, and we hadn’t even begun the work together yet!!

I know this may sound like magic, but this is how the universe works.

It’s also important to note that this client committed consistently through aligned action!

When you’re 100% in, the universe knows and will start to deliver the goodies.

If you’re halfway in or wishy-washy, you’ll at best get halfway, wishy-washy results.


This is so important because life doesn’t wait for you just because you can’t make up your mind, and unfortunately, there’s a point when you miss the train and the opportunities don’t come again!


So here are 4 tips for better decision making…


Number 1:
Be okay with mistakes. Holla! to your former perfectionist. That’s right…we love you perfectionist self, but your perfectionism can’t drive the car on the road to personal growth and fulfillment. So, do a bad (metaphoric) dance move. Say something (not intentionally) that might run the risk of making someone else upset, but that is in line with your truth and creative expression.

One of my mentors told me “Michelle, I want you to make bad choices!” And I knew she was saying that to me because if I could experience that I was safe, while making mistakes, I’d reach my success and freedom even faster. I’m so grateful she said that to me because… she was right.


Number 2:
Don’t ask everyone else what they think. It’s great to get advice, but if you’re still living your life according to what everyone else thinks you should do, the truth is…

…you’re not living YOUR life! You’ll never develop the experiential and embodied awareness that YOU are the one making the decisions, and that YOU are the authority in your life.


When you make a decision that ultimately comes from you and see the results, you develop confidence, empowerment, and self-trust!


WARNING! If you’re not letting yourself be the authority, you can fall into the dangerous trap of subconsciously trying to please everyone else, and that’s a dead end road, because 1) it’s impossible to really know and predict what everyone else is thinking, and 2) you’re putting your happiness in the hands of everyone else. No bueno.


Number 3:
Feel your vision or goal in your body, with gratitude.
Change doesn’t happen by thought alone. You must take action. And… using your focus to believe and feel that your vision is already here, with gratitude and emotion, sets your body up to magnetize what you want towards you.

You start to see opportunities or have “random” conversations with people who help take your vision forward. Your brain and body start to fire and wire as if you already have what you want and guess what, what you want starts to show up! You realize you’re a powerful creator.


Number 4:
Take immediate action. I know… it can take time to make a decision. Sometimes the pieces need to fall into place, and I always encourage you to develop your tools to deeply listen (like we do in Creative Success Accelerator), so you’re tuned into your intuition on the regular. But once you’ve collected the data you need, GO!

The problem is that people get so in their heads, cloud up their minds, start ping-ponging every single idea, and then PROCRASTINATE. You know what kills a dream? Indecision and procrastination.


So there you have it!

Which of these steps resonates with you the most? Which one feels the most challenging? What decision can you make today that will move your life forward?

Let me know in the Comments below!

Cheering on your new, powerfully decisive self…



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  1. Lisa Olivia

    This is a great framework for decision-making! I’m getting better at dropping the perfecting, and taking action (yay!) and have seen some powerful results. The challenge that persists is the 3rd one — the SEEING, FEELING, and BELIEVING — embodying my vision and goal in my body. The MMH sessions have connected me more with my body, tons of resistance has let go and I have moments where I can move with ease and even feel emotions moving through me, embracing them and even expressing outward (another yay!).

    How to really embrace and embody something that feels that it isn’t here, and how to tap into that feeling or emotion of it being here, inside of me, now? As I write, I have experienced some emotions of it happening now, and then I limit (stop taking the action that produced that feeling!!)

    • Michelle Boule

      Hey Lisa – it can help to think of something that makes you feel super excited, passionate, grateful, joyful, happy, etc. You could even do the heart-centered meditation in the MMH Resources to build and generate that experience in your body. And then start connecting that with the thing that you want. It can take a while, because there’s often resistance to those feelings and to having what you want. But keep your focus there. It’s a muscle that you can build!! Stay there 5 seconds longer (before you stop, as you mentioned) and you’ll keep building your endurance and capacity to bring more beauty into your life. Hope this helps!

  2. Jason

    Thank you!

    For me, the taking immediate action may be the more challenging. Some of it is due to fear, but also due to scheduling with my day job.

    Thank you again for these tips!

    • Michelle Boule

      You’re welcome Jason. Thanks for reading. There’s always a solution and a way. 😉


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