How saying NO healed my injury

by | Feb 14, 2023

Last month, I made a completely impulsive decision to fly to Sedona, AZ for a small-group event with the comedian turned transformational speaker Kyle Cease.

And I got the transformation I didn’t even know I was looking for!

There was no “rhyme or reason” for the trip. The event was 4 days away. Getting to most places from where I live in Montana isn’t easy, especially after living in New York City for 21 years! I didn’t have a “real reason” to get off my booty, take 2 flights, and drive 2 ½ hours to work with someone I didn’t know.

But I heard my internal YES, stopped my mental ping-ponging, and booked my ticket to the event, flight, hotel, and eventually (after some residual ping-ponging) my rental car. (Old habits die hard, but they do “die” when you do the loving work to transform them!)

The event was amazing. Honestly, anything that helps dissolve the painful belief that we are separate, less-than worthy beings is priceless in my opinion.

But the thing that was most fascinating is that I went to the event with an injury, and on the second day it disappeared.

On day two, I got onstage with Kyle and publicly announced my decision to say NO to a coaching program that I had planned to sell. I then launched into a spontaneous speech on unlocking our deepest joy, that had me crying and so many people in the audience crying too.

In that present moment, I tapped into a power that I didn’t know was available to me. My speech seamlessly flowed into an inner child meditation that Kyle and I co-led on the spot, and then into guiding the group in my Moving with Innate Wisdom practice before we all took a break.

During the break, I realized my injury wasn’t there anymore!

Our bodies are powerful in the signals they give to us. I didn’t go to Sedona to heal my injury, but I did listen to my intuition, which said “go,” and I received the powerful message to claim what brings me joy at a new level.

This is the surprising journey we get to experience once we get out of the way, and start listening and trusting. It’s available to all of us!

So I want to encourage you to ask yourself (and even journal on these questions):

-Are you doing things that regularly bring joy into your life?

-If not, what are 10 things that would give you more joy?

-Is there something you need to learn about allowing more joy into your life?

-Is there something you need to let go of because it’s stopping your joy?

-Are you getting intuitive guidance that you want to listen to or learn how to listen to?

You have more resources and opportunities of support available to you than you think!

The final important question is… are you letting yourself see them and say yes?

Here’s to your joy!

With love and in service,

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