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How to know if you’re working too much or not enough?

by | Aug 27, 2021

I’m excited for you to read this because it will help big time if you’re feeling burned out and like you never have enough…time, energy, or money!

I got this question recently from someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

Hey Michelle!

I have big goals for what I’m creating with my business, but I’m not getting the results I want. I’m super disciplined and work a lot, and it interferes with my self-care and time with my family and friends. I’m confused because I’m not hitting my goals! Do I need to work more? Am I working too much?

Thank you!

I love this question!

The common thing that almost everyone learns is that you have to work harder to get what you want.

However, working harder can actually hurt your business (and your life) rather than help it.

This is what you have to decipher…


Are you working harder because you think you’re not good enough?


Or because you’re inspired to give something your best?


I’ve helped many people work through this painful journey, because these two approaches lead to very different results.

High-achieving can disguise the belief system that says “I’m not good enough.”

The person who’s operating from that belief system will only run into burnout, resentment, even health issues, or never having enough money, time, or connection in relationships.

I get it, I’ve been there!! But if you learn to turn that around, your answer to “am I working enough?” clear.

And you’ll know when it’s time to take a break!


What’s also vitally important is looking at if your strategy for success is actually working.


This is where it’s crucial to bring someone in to help you see your blind spots.

Are you taking the necessary steps to grow your goal or business in an effective way?

Is there something leaking in around “not being enough” that’s affecting every aspect of your life or business?

Find someone who has the results that you want and study with them!

I was only able to scale my business to generate more than 10x what I was making just a few years ago because I hired a coach.


I got beyond the “misunderstandings” of not enough money or time and I COMMITTED! YOU can do this too!


If you want to learn how to scale your business and bring in more money, please fill out this application and let’s talk ASAP!

It’s an honor to help you bring your beautiful dreams to life.

In service and with love,

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Client Celebration!

It’s so amazing how things have changed since January. I won a competition for an art project, which is higher than my usual yearly income. I was offered another €15,000 project, which I rejected because it didn’t fit my ideals. I’m proud of sticking to my dreams. I changed my relationship with my mother and can fully concentrate on my work. My home is now relaxing. And I’m in a new love relationship! WOW… the rocket🚀 you sent me saying GO GO GO really started! Unbelievable! Thank you so much for your support.

Christiane L. – Artist – Flensburg, Germany

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