“I want you to limit yourself” (A lesson in boundaries)

by | Sep 9, 2023

Creativity happens through limitation.
Healthy boundaries happen through limitation.
More money happens through limitation (but not necessarily because you’re spending less).

What would happen in your life if you limited…

Who you speak to
What you speak about
How much you’re willing or unwilling to charge
How much info you’re taking in?

Each of these “limitations” carries tremendous potential and life-giving energy.

You’re the only one who knows your true boundaries.
You’re the only one who can ultimately honor them.

But when we’re not taught healthy boundaries from the get go, we need help in feeling into our most aligned boundaries… knowing them, and living by them.

Expansion comes through limitation, deep listening, and discernment.

Expansion can also come with a boatload of resistance.

(Almost all growth is initially accompanied by resistance. This is where mindset guidance is helpful because the resistance can be so sneaky, and we convince ourselves of things that aren’t true!)

Is there something you need to put a limit on, lovingly?

Is there guidance you need in discovering and supporting your most aligned limits?

Can you dare to believe that you are worthy of all the support and love that you desire?

I’m along for the journey with you and deeply honor our collective creativity.

With love,

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P.P.S. One beautiful way to build community is to share this message with someone you love. I just finished watching a bunch of testimonial videos from my clients ?, and every single person mentioned how amazing it was to be in community with other creatives. Sharing this message is an act of community building and connection. We’re not meant to do this work alone!

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